Saturday, January 1, 2011

Real Story!!!

Hi there,Rose had a hectic day today..This is all because i dont know bout the library move..
Hu2..I went there walking wif my bro n sis but dissapointed..We had to search an area to eat too..Well,it kinda fun too cause we had a walk at the park..We r sweating a lot..Lol..Later on,we get back to the state mosque where our mom n sis stayed.They are having a seminar 4 new student of tarannum..I'm not really interested with it so i decide to go to the libary n find some ideas 4 my writing n u knows what happened right..I am seriously dissappointed.I didn't get my research,my new story or any new info's..Hurm,its alright then..There,i met a few strangers wearing half veil which not fully covered their hair..I think they r muallaf.Is there something going on at the mosque?neh,Let it be..What i like the most is going to UITM Hotel 4 a wedding ceremony..WOW!!i'm hoping to have that kind of marriage too..Hu2..I'm not acyually type of person who likes 2 go 'knduri' except if they r doing it in a hall or hotel..When i get home,i'm totally blank out on my bed..What a tired day~