Thursday, July 29, 2010

thx 4 ur support!


da lme kte x post kt blog nie..yela~org da bz dgn treatment..
last week da wat kimo ke-2 n balik hspital 2,smpatla snggah kt
krnival sk27..esoknyer lk smbut b'day sumaiyah yg ke 13 kt tepi
pntai klang..sori la,xle nk upload pic 2 kt cnie..

skrg nii,kte still kt hspital subang jaya blik brnombor,x bes la
no. tu..em,kte kne tahan kt wad dr selasa (27/7/10) ari tu..ingatkn ari nie
da bole balik..rupa2nyer kena tahan lagi smpai esok sbb smlm demam lagi..
hu2..sedih2 tp nak wat camne lagi..reda je la..hope mlm nie x demam lagi..
hurmp..yg x puas hatinyer!!ade sorg kakak nurse 2 kta nk belikn kek coklat
kt scret recipe tp batag hidung pon x nmpak..n ade certain nurse practical lk
cm x tau ape..yg lagi x puas hatinyer!!!x tau lak ade nurse practcal laki..hergh!!
trdedah aurat kte..hu2..da wat dosa..tau la org x larat,at least infom la dulu le
minta tolong kak nurse amikkn tudung..ari nie jer trselamat cox umiku yg trsayang ada
di sisi..

ok la..dats all 4 today..nway,thanks so much to all friends n teachers not 4getting
my families x kira yg tnggal brdekatan or yg jauh cox support n give me semangat..

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Yuna n Me~

Assalamualaikum n nite everyone~
Last Saturday,my mom had an amal karnival at her school(SMK USJ4)
Its kinda blast but also scarred me with students wearing mini skirt showing sexy clothes that
they think looks beautiful or pretty..I do felt like regret going there..Lucky me,my mom
still doing her job n i have opportunity to met Yuna..I'm not eager actually to met her because I am not a fan of her..

However,when I want to take pic wif her..i kinda felt shy..i dont know myself why it happened
that way..Well,when i am next to her,she does look pretty although her make up is a
bit thick..She's tall too..That's my fav..Taller people..She came surrounded wif guard
n carrying her guitar..Too bad,i dont see her perfomance cause they do it in closed up place..
Its find,cause i'm tired myself..Being there almost a day..Anyway, I might change my mind to like Yuna a bit.

Taking pic. wif Yuna
She signing my book

After meeting her, I still have to wait for my mom who's counting her class selling money..
Hurm,its seriously boring but worth it..After a few waiting,our lucky number(1899) are called..
There, i have to tahe a mysterious number..Wowee~what a big suprised!!My hands are
sure is lucky..I picked 59 n thats the biggest hamper..Whats more,there's gonna be eating
party la tonight..ha2..

What Best Bout Today :
1) Meeting Yuna,talking with her,pictures n her sign..(never done this b4 because I kinda not like it)

2) Lucky Draw-1899-Never thought i would be this lucky..

3) Sudden meeting..Ha2..never thought i would met mior ( although i thought of found him first but
its reversing fate..He found me)He told me that i'm a bit thin?OMG..thats not good..Hee~

Friday, July 2, 2010

Architect Wannabe!?

House Model

Nana(Fitrah) n Kheilda another member of our group..
Our judges : Jamesdeanjawa,miss julie n our recycling teacher

Tertarik dgn tingkat 2??

1st floor..ok x??
master bedroom 2nd floor
This is our house model but only me n yanie there..others late

Have a sweet smile today~
I’m a bit excited when I write this..I think my group have a reallyx2 big chance to win house model competition.
Our concept is bungalow house.Actually I do dream we could live in that big house wif 4 of us because it is our own design.On the perfomance day,I enjoy explaining our house.Our house is the biggest in the competition n could be said the most complete n beautiful house. Many said that it do look like a real house n other competitors lost their confidence looking at our house model.Hiii..i do feel kind of proud seeing the situation n the judges look kind of interested with our model. Seriously, I do put a high hope of winning this conmpetition.I might feel down if we don’t get first place but i’ll try to be grateful for watever the result is. Sory if u can’t see my model clearly cause its kind of big.Its scalar : 120.Part of the house that I like most is kitchen cause I’m the one who’s design it..about the other part, its not fully my idea because they had done some of it.Hu2..too bad..i do want to do all the interior but its fine cause I still manage to add on to make it more beautiful.. Hope u can see it at SMK18.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'd seen kakak mati??

Salam n good day to my readers..

Its been a long time I’m not posting anything. I’m a bit busy and lazy to write anything here..Actually, my first week of holidays had been spend by staying at my grandma’s house in Perlis.Its kinda fun too.Besides, I met frog that died horrifyingly with its neck break from its body.Seriously,I can’t stand to watch it.Its so disgusting.I told that story too my sister and one of my cousin who’s the same age wif my sister,13,heard it not far from the place I sit.She question me wif weird question.I can’t answer her.A day after that (breakfast time),my aunt called me and asked is it right that I’d seen a woman died horrifyingly?I kind of surprised hearing that.I said no but I do seen frog died horrifyingly. She then called my cousin to explain what she heard.Its all became clear when she actually heard me saying “ Tadi kita trjumpa kakak mati,kepala dia terputus n urat dia terkeluar” which actualy katak = kakak..We all laugh heartily when we heard it.She had convince almost all people in Chemu’mar n her parents.It became serious topic all of sudden n end with just her hearing problem..Hu2 I seriously kinda scared when my aunt asked me seriously..

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this is not the real picture because i didnt dare to take the real one..urghh..