Monday, January 30, 2012


It just happen I walk around the village and felt like taking s morning picture.. Well, hardly had any batteries left at that time..Besides, I didn't bring my charger along in case the batteries are out.. Nah.. Whatever! As long as I got few pictures taken.

Below is pictures taken at paddy field..Beautiful right[^-^]

Information : The picture is taken at paddy field Perlis in Padang Pauh. Its a good spot for a relax morning walking..This paddy is almost ready to be taken and processed.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

ClouDy CitY

This is a SPECIAL post for my roommate kak SAIAKMAL ^^

You could see a few version of cloud in the picture.. This picture is taken in a city life Kuala Lumpur. This picture originally not taken by me. However, I already got the permission to post it here. She was excited when  I said I want to publish her photos and she couldn't hide her liken when I praise her photos.

Well,its true right the photos is quite good and I try to minimize the effect I'm used in editing the picture.. It would be bad if the original are lose to the editing..Chincha.. I really love the monstrous cloud in the picture (>e<)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

No Pictures ;(

Beautiful smiley day
Morning everyone..Its a wonderful day today (well,it is because of holidays)..
I'm sorry for not posting anything new these past few days.
I have no interesting pictures to post.
Besides that, I am a bit busy with my studying (although NOT REALLY BUSY)..
I have assignments to finish before having a REAL HOLIDAY..
Moreover, I just got this skin disease..Urh..irritating + annoying = HATE IT!!
Lucky because it doesn't affect my soundless night :)
Anyway, I will try to post new picture soon (>_<) Come visit me again when I do..
Oh, one more thing................please be my few followers(^0^)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Prince hOrsEy~

This single picture means a lot to me.. Would you like me to introduce you to this handsome tough creature? Well, its name is Prince. Yes, of course its a male. Doesn't his name already told you the gender? hehe.. What?You also want to know where he live? Haiyaya..Please don't take a liken to my little prince ok!

Name : Mr. Prince
Gender : Male
Age : Unknown
Place : Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Phone number : Unknown
Favourite : Run loose on the open space.

Is the detail enough for you? Huh? Still not enough..I guess you would say that but I would leave no comment on that because one thing for sure now is I miss Mr. Prince a lot. It has been awhile from my last visit to meet Prince.. How is he doing now? geez..I really hope I could travel from place to place like Doraemon..When will I see him again?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Q-Rest ?

Rest anywhere as long it is comfortable^^

The guy look so comfortable taking a small nap at the big word 'Q'..huhu..Feel a bit envy thought.. Why didn't I take the chance to rest like that when there is no one around and the sun is not up yet.. nah, I don't care anymore because what I really want is to try sleep on the rooftop. That would be much of adventure..

Anyway,the guy did choose a correct spot to have a little nap since the sun is up and the glaring is hot.. Besides that, the breezy wind made it much comfortable to rest for a while. Even I have difficulty to let myself walk away from the park and went home. It is a pity to left the breezy cold wind alone  but I  prefer packing up my things in the hostel and get ready to go home..

Its normal for human to choose a good place to rest for awhile before continue their hectic life.. If you live without a stop for a moment to take a good deep breath and release the tension you would feel quite empty yourself. You will feel no fun in life so forget about working 24/7 and take 5 minute break daily for yourself~

Thats all for now..See you soon with new picture update ^^ 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Fly Like a Bird

Fly loose and let yourself light

Wuah~ feels like flying early in the morning..happy morning with a happy jump. Thats what I would prefer to say right now.. Actually, I have no ideas to fill this entry because I just feel like sharing the happiness of flying.. t-hihi..

Anyway, I done some editing on this picture because I'm not wearing any stockings at the time and it is an aurah if I'm not wearing it so I tried covering it with black dot at the leg..ngee~sorry.. I know the original picture is much better but rules are rules and I will follow it..

If you ask me why I don't wear the stockings it is because I went to the park with a blank minded. Besides that, I thought there would be no one since it is Friday.. People would go to work or college and my friends and I would have time to spend happily..see..happy ending~

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Birthday kak IQA

entry kali nie simple je. Ini merupakan rupa kad yangbtelah direka khas untuk roommate kesayanganku.. walaupun sangat simple and macam-macam suprise plan tak berjalan seperti yang dirancangkan namun keharuan buat si penerima tetap dirasa..

hehe..walaupun dah lambat sangat sambut birthdaynye.. (entah kenapa saya memang suka sambut birthday lambat)..Tinggal kad untuk umi jer yang perlu la agaknye tue kan..huhu (>o<)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nyummy Yam Penyet~

huh! Ayam penyet?

Ish bila tengok pic tu rase macam terliur pulak kan. Ha! ini lah dia ayam penyet.. Amacam, tak sepenyet yang disangkakan betul tak? Tengok macam biasa je..Yup! ayam dia memang macam biasa cuma ayam penyet ni menggunakan rempah yang khas dan bukannya ayamnya dimasak dan dilenyet-lenyet lalu dihidang..haha

Ayam penyet nie kalau diikutkan di Malaysia dah banyak cawangannya yang dibuka. Saya sendiri pernah pergi merasa namun agak sedikit kecewa kerana rasanya tak jauh beza dengan ayam goreng cuma sambal lenyet and tepung dia agak sedap la pada pandanganku.

Hum,tau kenapa saya cakap macam tue? Sebab..............
Saya dah pernah rasa ayam penyet di Indonesia and memang kat sana lebih sedap berbanding yang ada di Malaysia. Masa mula-mula nampak dulu, saya tergelak-gelak dengan umi sebab kami dah pernah rasa.. Err, masa tu saya tak boleh nak kata sedap sebab rempah dia memang pekat and saya pulak tak berapa nak sihat jadi rasanya tak berapa nak kenalah dengan selera kan..

Anyway,buat sesiapa yang tak pernah mencubanya, silakan lah mencuba..Mungkin rasa nya tak sehebat masakan indo yang sebenar tetapi tak salah untuk kita mencuba sesuatu yang baru kan? (hm, mungkin rempah untuk ayam tu susah nak dapat kat Malaysia kot)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Too beautiful to write

SubahanaAllah..God's creation is all beautiful.. I don't know how to describe it.. It makes my hand itch to take a lot of beautiful picture and scenery.. I wonder if I had actually captured it beauty.. Please leave a comment to me your opinion of the pictures

sweet berries of life


morning greeting

Please do not copy this picture and made your own (TT__TT) without permission

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Salam semua and happy New year (according to masihi calendar) not forgetting HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABAH!!!

Sekadar ingin menyatakan kekesalan di atas kesilapan post video snsg hari itu..background musiknya bukan daripada kumpulan suju tetapi snsd-Mr. taxi..huhu..Maaf sangat-sangat...Hari ini baru perasaan..

Anyway,tak nak cakap lama kat sini sebab tengah prepare card for my beloved is his birthday..Yeay~

p/s: I'll post about it later k! (^__^)y