Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Q-Rest ?

Rest anywhere as long it is comfortable^^

The guy look so comfortable taking a small nap at the big word 'Q'..huhu..Feel a bit envy thought.. Why didn't I take the chance to rest like that when there is no one around and the sun is not up yet.. nah, I don't care anymore because what I really want is to try sleep on the rooftop. That would be much of adventure..

Anyway,the guy did choose a correct spot to have a little nap since the sun is up and the glaring is hot.. Besides that, the breezy wind made it much comfortable to rest for a while. Even I have difficulty to let myself walk away from the park and went home. It is a pity to left the breezy cold wind alone  but I  prefer packing up my things in the hostel and get ready to go home..

Its normal for human to choose a good place to rest for awhile before continue their hectic life.. If you live without a stop for a moment to take a good deep breath and release the tension you would feel quite empty yourself. You will feel no fun in life so forget about working 24/7 and take 5 minute break daily for yourself~

Thats all for now..See you soon with new picture update ^^