Monday, January 9, 2012

Fly Like a Bird

Fly loose and let yourself light

Wuah~ feels like flying early in the morning..happy morning with a happy jump. Thats what I would prefer to say right now.. Actually, I have no ideas to fill this entry because I just feel like sharing the happiness of flying.. t-hihi..

Anyway, I done some editing on this picture because I'm not wearing any stockings at the time and it is an aurah if I'm not wearing it so I tried covering it with black dot at the leg..ngee~sorry.. I know the original picture is much better but rules are rules and I will follow it..

If you ask me why I don't wear the stockings it is because I went to the park with a blank minded. Besides that, I thought there would be no one since it is Friday.. People would go to work or college and my friends and I would have time to spend happily..see..happy ending~