Sunday, January 5, 2014

First 2014 Entry

Assalamualaikum w.b.h

This is my NEW YEAR ENTRY..Yay~

Lots gonna happen this 2014 (I hope it's all of good thing)
10/1/2014 : Gonna be an MC for monthly department gathering.
.: And yea, my friend and I were chosen because of we being so-called "Trainer". Duh, event the theme is 'Back2School". Just why did I suggest to wear school uniform back then. Now I'm having difficulties to find one. I don't where I put mine..hehe

Weekend of second week : Hang out with trainer mate from same company
.: We planned it to be this weekend but got it cancelled. Well, at least it got postponed to next week and yea I feel kinda excited to go out with them since we are close intern in TNB. Going out for breakfast, lunch together and sometimes when there is no job given, we would hang out somewhere together. Moreover, this month is my last being intern with them..huhu

Weekend of third week : Hang out with ex-housemate
.: Got plan with my ex-housemate to got out for fun at wetworld (although its not really to my preferences). I thought of taking them to Taman Botani too for it 4 season house. InsyaAllah if everything went well. This plan also still in waiting list to be confirmed.

End of month : Completing my practical training project.
.:This is done throughout of January and I try not to disturb my weekend. It's my fun day since weekdays have been my working day. Going back and forth following work hours and always arrive home late evening. Such tiring day. I would try make early preparation for presentation thingy things.

And yeah, you could see that my days always full with wonder (InsyaAllah). Event on the next month, February, I had it planned early. Just either it gonna follow the plan or not is up to Allah. Few of it is, finishing my practical training by presenting to college my work project and staying a night out with my girls at Port Dickson. Yay~ Can't wait for that moment ^^