Monday, October 13, 2014

Selamat Malam [Night]

Assalamualaikum & Selamat Malam readers..

Berabad baru nak post baru kat sini. This is all because of cik tohru punya blog la.
She post something yg soo sweet and it reminds me of the past. My old work of
writings. And yeah, i did scroll a bit of it and read it. Bole la kalau nak kata, i was
like 'Terkesima' with  my own writing.

It makes me wonder, is that truly the old me. It does feel a bit awesome how I can
write maturely when I was just a teenage high school girl who didn't see much of
the world just yet. I wonder where did that girl go? What happen to her?

Well, the past is past. I'll move on being the new me but I'll improve myself to be
better despite things that happen. Things that makes me change as I was going
through the meaning of life. Hee, say no more of it.

I was just gonna say Goodnite, Selamat Malam (in malay nya) and Assalamualaikum..

p/s: Do visit my new open blog 'CerekaCeritaKita' [ ]. Apabila pena mula bergerak, akan ku selami jiwa seni imagin..  hihi, situ ada sedikit kompilasi cerita lama yang pernah ditulis either in english or in malay.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Miracle In Cell No 7

Assalamualaikum w.b.h...

Again, I just want to make a video review & it's korean movie once again..
Hehe..I just can't think of any other movie that i want to watch & lately
I found many deep-touching korean movie where I truly need a tissue to
wipe my tears..Huwaaaa..

This story is about a mentally retarded father & her angelic daughter.
The father was accused for abducting & kill a little girl. He was wrongfully
treat by the false accuse but the story twist to a good side which truly touched
deep in my heart. There are tears and laughter in this scene but at the same time

Sometimes, every action has it reason where we may not know.  Some people live to
protect but some live to blame and live in vain. We just not know what in people's
heart and mind. 

Ok, enough of my blablabla(talk).. Let's just enjoy the movie :

pss: As usual, I advice you people prepare tissues in case you get immerse in this movie and start crying like me, LuLz!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Yay! Puasa

Assalamualaikum.. *nada sopan ala-ala ceria*

Hihi..Hari ni rasa seronok sangat sebab dapat bersahur kat rumah.
Almaklumlah, sahur di hostel means hanya makan roti, kurma & air kosong
3 gelas.
Tapi bila di rumah, nasi 3 pinggan, lauk berbagai & air kosong 4 gelas. hahaha
(Terasa macam tak caya la jugak, dah mcm perut tong)
Battery lappy low pulak so tak nak banyak menaip di sini
and I just want to say,

"Selamat Berpuasa."

-Buat kakak2, abang2, adik2, makcik2, pakcik2, Blogwalkerz and my Families and Frenz yang mengenali^^
-Dah raya nanti insyaAllah post baru yer :D

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Little Prince Film 2007

It's been awhile that I post something here.
Life had been bit busy and hectic.
With practicals thingy, sewing classes and now, I'm
furthering studies here in Uniten.
(A lil sigh on that since I truly want to further at Curtin Australia)

Well, forget about that for now.
I just want to make a simple review on this movie.

"Little Prince"

A story of a heart-broken father and a sick boy who's fate happen
to twist between them. A heart-touching story I could say.
The story is a little bit slow moving but that's what it's about
since it's a sad genre with the boy having his life despite the ill
and a heart-broken father learn something from life through
the child.

Oh Well, I don't want to spoil the story much because then it would be
meaningless for you to watch it isn't it? Here, I give you the chance to
watch it yourself.

Psss: Someone with blue personality might need an extra tissues since
they tend to be more sensitive. They understand it quickly and as for me,
I had past experience and add up with my blue personality, the story
truly get deep into my heart. And yeah, I should have prepare more
tissues with me..hehe

Sunday, January 5, 2014

First 2014 Entry

Assalamualaikum w.b.h

This is my NEW YEAR ENTRY..Yay~

Lots gonna happen this 2014 (I hope it's all of good thing)
10/1/2014 : Gonna be an MC for monthly department gathering.
.: And yea, my friend and I were chosen because of we being so-called "Trainer". Duh, event the theme is 'Back2School". Just why did I suggest to wear school uniform back then. Now I'm having difficulties to find one. I don't where I put mine..hehe

Weekend of second week : Hang out with trainer mate from same company
.: We planned it to be this weekend but got it cancelled. Well, at least it got postponed to next week and yea I feel kinda excited to go out with them since we are close intern in TNB. Going out for breakfast, lunch together and sometimes when there is no job given, we would hang out somewhere together. Moreover, this month is my last being intern with them..huhu

Weekend of third week : Hang out with ex-housemate
.: Got plan with my ex-housemate to got out for fun at wetworld (although its not really to my preferences). I thought of taking them to Taman Botani too for it 4 season house. InsyaAllah if everything went well. This plan also still in waiting list to be confirmed.

End of month : Completing my practical training project.
.:This is done throughout of January and I try not to disturb my weekend. It's my fun day since weekdays have been my working day. Going back and forth following work hours and always arrive home late evening. Such tiring day. I would try make early preparation for presentation thingy things.

And yeah, you could see that my days always full with wonder (InsyaAllah). Event on the next month, February, I had it planned early. Just either it gonna follow the plan or not is up to Allah. Few of it is, finishing my practical training by presenting to college my work project and staying a night out with my girls at Port Dickson. Yay~ Can't wait for that moment ^^