Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kabare Blogger

Salam and good day everyone^^

Wuah..lama rasanya eden dok bukak blog eden ni kan..

Adeh..kenapa tiba-tiba je cakap bahasa negeri ni..( kembang Ayu kalau baca entri ni..haha)

ANYWAY, (switching back to my usual english mode^^)
I just want to say hi here since I'm nore active in tumblr lately. Yeah..well..
I love uploading pictures there and show off my little creativity of photos art :p
Neh, it just an amateur work.. Be grateful I'm still posting it instead of keeping for myself.

After a few days of thinking whether I should post something or not here.. I realize that 'the ME' right now is not the same 'ME-in-Old-Day'.. Why? Kenapa? Because...I think I'm being a bit quiet lately. Faham-faham je la kan. Hidup di kolej ni susah kalau nak always stick dgn friends forever or you won't move on. Some people mungkin tak setuju dengan pendapat Rose ni sebab diorang kan FRIENDS FOREVER!!

And its different with me.. For me, as long as Allah bless our friendship then it doesn't matter how far or how less we communicate with each other because deep down in heart everyone remember and still care for that person.. Aduii, tak boleh bla kan ayat Rose kali ni. Itulah sebab Rose suka post kat sini malam-malam.. InsyaAllah and konpem banyak idea masuk.. Dah macam limpahan coklat nestle ke ladang gandum..hehe

One of the reason why Rose should start back the writing is because I need to continue my novel which I'm having difficulty with ideas of funny trick for my character..huhu..I need some help at that point. And I'm relieved that I had started back designing clothes after some inspiration today.

Besides that, I'm also grateful that I'm trusted to be project assistant although I'm not quite good myself (ececeh..merendah diri ni) and getting busy with my CLC club activities.. Duh, when will I focus on my study? FOCUS ROSE, FOCUS!! Your result is not increasing but you are so  busy with these activities.. No more holidays for YOU!        p/s: thats what my mom said..hehe..I just nod in agreement..haha

Oh gosh..its already 1 am and I'm still online here writing all this craps.. Since its already late, i need to finish my entry^^ Nighty nite everyone and have sweet nitemare~

p/s: jangan tidur lambat sangat nanti kulit tak dapat generate balik :) Before the end, for all blogwalkers.. Anda bolehlah melewati blog ini and mengintai gerangan empunya blog ini ye..

Salam semua <3