My Fantasy

My Own World Of Imagination

A girl always full of dream and imagination..
They create their own world..
Well,that suppose to say I'm also like any other normal girl..

Sometimes,when I'm alone..
My mind would fly to my own dream world..
I would dream of making my own design and by others..
My design would be known by the world..
I want to design my own wedding dress and would wear none if I dont get what I want..Whenever I draw up piece of design,I feel over excited. Could I one day realize this dream of mine? Can I actually soar up high..Of course I will no matter how hard I need to chase for it..Whether the chasing is a long term or a short term I dont care which as long the dream I have now is realize. hm..maybe I should start posting some of my design or drawing in my blog..What do you think??

When I heard others told stories of their boyfriend..
Then,I would imagine how my boyfriend or should I say my future husband (^o^) look like..How would his personal be?
Cute,mature,naughty,playboy,fun,happy-go-lucky,handsome,cool,myterious or just a normal being..
T-hee..of course every girl dream of a good looking guy and had some personalities..Yeah,although I dont find someone that perfect right..hohoho..too demand lak..
Well,if we are talking about new korean waves..Of course it about their look and how would it feel to be their girlfriend and do secret relationship..hihee..
I want these guys below to be my boyfriend..can I??
Besides,their age are not really far from mine..hihihi many maa..who should I choose?
ngee~of course, I would choose none from above..Its fun to just imagine it but for someone who will become a part of my life,I would rather choose a person who can care for me for his whole life,patient with my changing mood and whats more important ^_^ hehee..he knows how to steal my heart everyday..l
O'o0h..habis semua yang ingin memikat hati ini..haha..ok merepek
lol..just kidding..I would be grateful if only I could find my true soulmate..Caring,understanding and have a balance life between religion and world..Extra if he have a funny personality but mature at heart.

Ok,other than that..
I would dream of my unique future house..How the house should be, its interior design, its garden..blablabla..
Lol, sometimes I ike to think how to improve the environment like how a needy should be helped, how to keep our nature in a good condition and blablabla again.. :P
Hee..of course I once also had dream of being a model..wearing new and beautiful clothes..Looking different from the usual me..Its woman nature to like beauty..So do I although I'm not going to be a model but its not wrong to just play and act like it when you are alone^__^
I like to broaden my imagination..Its fun you know..You should do it too..