Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Good News Happy for Me :)

Hi and anyeong :)
I'm fine and thanks..

Dude..what am I babbling alone here..Well, I think I jus have nothing to write here.. Many things untold but little things to be written..Waah (T^T)..serve me right..Its my fault for leaving world of writing for quite a long time.. Poor my baby blogger missing its Mister..sob..sob..

Nah..stop babbling nonsense..hehe.. Actually..there's few things that I want to write here..

First of all...............................
I can't wait for my brother's wedding...YAaaaAaahhhHh!! ^^ (truly super happy for him)
At first thought, i felt a pity because my close bro is going to get married and no more chance for me to be a good sis..hahaha..fancy of me..jus ignore it..but now..Go Get MARRIED bro..yeah~ I'm cheering for you..haha...let me be an auntie sooner..uhuk..uhhuk...(>.>) dats sound scary..err

I'm still waiting for a handphone for my present from my intan payung dad.. Stories are like this.. He called me saying he's coming home and..

I said " What?? How could I be the last one you tell about it..huhu..sampai hati...." my dad just laugh..

"ni kena kasi denda..untuk birthday nanti abah kena belikn kte henfon baru" laughing stop..

dad replied,"Oh, birthday akak bile?"     -dush..mmg trbaik la soalan abah kn..-

Cute daughter : Ish abah ni..This saturday la..raya ke-7..huhu sampai hati..

Dad : haha..yela..tapi kena bajet la yer..

Cute Daughter : Hee <3 abah..="abah.." agak="agak" br="br" da="da" i="i" know="know" la="la" pun..ngeh3="pun..ngeh3">

the end....

After birthday, i wait for the moment to buy it and once again a conversation start..

a text coming it, 'akak,jgn beli dulu..abah jumpa henfon touch yg lebih murah kt sini.'
I had replied it but he did not receive it and he called me..(I won't called him first..its pricey) Well, I told him to make sure its quality,durability,function n most of all a brand that could be found in Malaysia. I don't want difficulties with it later..And yup :) Its the phone that I had been praying before since their first launch..
-Wildfire S-

I just said lucky of me..I almost bought a samsung phone but the price is not according to my budget..

Anyway, still need to wait for my dad's return this september for my brother's wedding. Buzz.. My sister keep asking me when will i get married.. I could only smiled and replied not my time yet but u can get married first..hahaha..Its freaky when people ask me about married.. I'm not too sure of my answer..

Truthfully......I DO WANT TO GET MARRIED but NOT now...I have to carry my responsibilities as a first child before having another bigger responsibilities.. Dude..its not easy to find a perfect partner or a suitable partner that can accept you as who you are..and it scared me when someone ask me untuk masuk meminang..errr...kalau nak masuk jer tapi deal with my parents..not me because if its me.." comment" 

-I prefer to be a prey rather than a predator- hee..ske hati je cilok ayat kawan sekolej kn :P