Saturday, May 2, 2009

felt in love???

hmm..naah..there wont be anythin'
called luv 4 me anymore..
althought i'm felt liking 2 sumone
but it doesn't mean i really2 like him..
it juz my feelin who luv 2 play wif that
kind of stuff..maybe they might called me
playgurl but that's me,
juz except it..nothing more..well..there's a
boy i know..he's now always msj
wif me n he said that he like
me to call him always..haha..really unbelieveable..
but that' the truth..nothing can be said..
hm..wanna know more??
asking me is da bes way..but wat make me
unlike bout him..his sweet words.yuck!!
dicusting plz..i hate dat kind of stuff..well,de truth
iz i jux stop wif dat guy jux like dat..
it was his own fault..i hate frenz wif sweet word,person like
him..humh watsoever..i hate 2 talk bout it anymore.