Sunday, August 25, 2013

Saje jer Nak Post

Hari ni tiba-tiba rasa macam nak post dalam bahasa melayu pula. Hanya sebagai sekadar coretan diari. Tapi itu tak bermakna kita kena tulis satu persatu ape yang kita buat hari ni kan. Sebab memang tak de ape pun buat. Cuma kemas-kemas rumah sikit lepas jamuan semalam.

Nak post gambar, leceh lah nk transfer masuk laptop. Semua dah post kat instagram jer.. hehe (followlah kalau nak @dvsweetsecrets) Ni rasa macam nak tukar background blog pulak. Da comei-comei widget tapi background nampak gloomy pulak. Haiyaiyai..

Kalau tengok macam ni je mungkin lah nampak macam ok. Cuba tengok part nak baca-baca pulak.. Fulamak, boring la pulakkan~

Tapi nak pilih warna apa yer bagi nampak ceria sikit.. itu pun satu hal juga. Nak kena fikir idea utk decorate money packet with theme festive season but sambil tu nak update juga blog ni bagi kemas & sedap mata memandang. Hahaha..Ok, mula nak melalut. Hantam pi je la warna apa pun~

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Only Allah's Can Judge

Assalamualaikum w.b.h

It's been quite awhile since I post something here..
Yeah, frankly I had been kinda lazy to write nowadays..
Its all android game fault (Ok, That's excuses) :P

Well, I got so many ideas to write before but since I got addict to
games, I started to forget how to write better..LOL
Anyway, that's not the reason i'm writing here (talk talk talk..)
I just had a blog-walking on Maria Elena's blog (which I hadn't done it long time)

I saw a video there which truly attracted my attention. Its about how we judge
people. We discriminate them based on appearance, based on hijab itself.
Here, try to look at it for awhile. It worth it ;)

Have you watch it? The message kinda cool right.
It is true I had never experience life without a hijab
 (lie! you don't wear it when you are 6 yr old)
However, I knows how it feels to be judged. I experimented it in using different
kind of hijab. Normally, they would truly respect people with big hijab or people
with wearing niqab while underestimating those who wear small hijab
(which not cover your chest).

I won't judged those who judged me either they are better or not
because that is not my job and I myself is no better than others.
I do judged sometimes but Alhamdulillah I remembered that is not my place.
That is Allah's job and He's the only one can judge us.
It's ok to judged but remembered not to get overwhelm by your own
 judgement because your judgement might not be true. Who knows if people changed
 because of Allah's will power. That's a miracle itself to receive light from Allah (Hidayah).

We can try to give advice to change her for a better Muslim but we shouldn't give her a harsh way of advice. (That's how people nowadays. Nasihat tapi sinis. Sakit hati sungguh!) Rasulullah s.a.w never teach us to give bad treatment to those who differ from us. Instead, he showed humanity,kindness and morality. That is how Islam should be. Islam is a tender religion. It fulls of respect toward others. There are ways to do advice and Allah even open our ways by giving us a gift of prayers and du'a.

Anyhow, people do judge because their brain need to stimulate the
situation and adapt it with their current situation. However, we must keep it in mind
that we can't judge people more than Allah because,