Saturday, May 28, 2011

Say I LOVE you....

Today,I made my mom a piece of painting..I do love art very much..
It took me 2 days two finish it..Its nothing great actually.It just that I
dont feel easy when I had given my mom nothing except for a far away
wishes (since I'm in college on mother's day )..Normally,I would
celebrate any special dates regarding my mom..This year birthday
suprised was a success..My mom never thought I would even done it..
(You can check my january post about it )
Anyway,this is for my  LOVELY MOM :
Pasembor -mom's favourite-

my painting for her..

first sketch

the differences

Actually,I had a discussion with my sisters of our plan celebrating
mother's day but they also had no idea but then..Ehah gave me this
idea :
  Making a video of us wishing for our mom n shows our gratitude
and copy it into a CD..At first,I do think its a bit difficult to do it
since our computer had bit of problem with copying CD..
Later,I had thought of other way to do it..Why dont we film it
n have it shown through youtube ( I'll make it private )..It might
even be more fun..Alright..I'll do it that way..
Problem solve..hahaha..
just saying..    
'Je t'aime maman '

p/s: Now,things left is planning father's day celebration..I might do it
early since I'm not too sure the date for me to go back into college. 
Tell your idea if you have one..hehe

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Guitar PlayEr ??

ahaha..I dont know why I felt like writing about this guitar player today..
Well,I'm not really familiar with him actually..I just found out about him
today..hehe..(Seriously,am not a gossip girl..haha..x lyk pon)

Ok..I'm trying to get serious on writing this..(what the hell am talking bout??)
Hee..(hands up) I cant write in serious mood (felt like laughing..hahaha)..
Anyway..back to the topic..............................GuiTar PlaYer...........
Have you heard of Sungha Jung ? Well,today is my first time hearing
that name n congrat to those who already know him..hehe
Actually,I accidentally found his twitter..My curiousity made me do some
research about him..Found it !! He has a website (  )
p/s : You can read more about him there..

Hehe..What I'm trying to say is..I'm interested in him.. ( WoAAA !! )
You see,the reason why I like kpop is because they are cute,beautiful
n handsome + their catchy dance (opps!..hehe)..but its different with
this kid name Sungha..I almost reject him the first time I read his
profile (he's younger than me)..but then,I felt like watching his
videos in youtube..The first song I heard was Marco's Attic
composed by Sungha Jung (himself)..
That was the first word out from my own mouth..He's quite cool n the
song was nice ( Thumbs up boy )..Besides that,he just the age of my
brother,15..Em..Frankly,he could also be in a smart-looking category..
(well,thats my thought since I like small eyed boy..wuahaha)
What ever it is..Listen to the song first n comment it yourself..
[dont dare to take interest for him k!! hehe..fine for supporter only]

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Antara Syarat Kelayakan Suami Ku

(¯`♥´¯) .♥.•¨`*♫ ✿ ܓ
´*.¸.•´♥` aNDAI Cinta Ingin Diberi,Berilah kpd seseorang Yang Layak,Yang boleh DI gelar SUAMI ~

Andai Cinta ingin diberi…berilah kepada seseorang yang benar-benar layak,yang boleh digelar suami …

1. Kuat agamanya..Walau sibuk macam mana pun,dia tetap memelihara solat fardhu.Mampu menjadi imam untukku dan untuk anak-anakku.Mampu untuk membimbingku ke... jalan yang diredhai Allah.

2. Mempunyai akhlak yang baik..Percakapannya yang lembut mampu menyejukkan hati aku yang sedang marah..Ketegasannya nyata tapi dia lembut dan bertolak ansur..Sopan tutur kata dan mempunyai hati yang mulia..Mempunyai rasa hormat kepada warga tua..

3. Menghormati ibu bapaku..Dia harus faham biarpun ketaatan seorang isteri selepas berkahwin hanyalah hak mutlak suami tetapi aku mohon untuk membalas jasa budi ibu bapaku yang telah mendidikku sejak dari kecil..Izinkan aku menjaga ibu bapaku walau dalam apa jua keadaan pun..Maafkan aku bila aku meletakkan kepentingan Ibu bapaku di tangga yang teratas..Tetapi itu bukan bermakna aku akan mengabaikanmu,tidak sama sekali..

4. Tegas mempertahankan maruah..Dia tidak pernah pergi ke tempat-tempat yang menjatuhkan maruahnya sebagai seorang Islam..

5. Amanah dan tidak boros..Dia tidak pernah mengabaikan tugas yang diberi dengan sengaja..Dia bukanlah seorang yang kedekut tetapi tahu membelanjakan wang dengan bijaksana..

6. Menundukkan pandangan mata ketika melihat perempuan..Sekiranya matanya liar memandang perempuan lain dia bukanlah calon yang sesuai untuk aku..Sebab aku adalah pencemburu berat..

7. Mempunyai pergaulan yang terbatas dengan perempuan..Aku tidak kisah dia mempunyai kawan lelaki dan kawan perempuan tetapi aku tidak mahu dia menjadi fitnah orang..

8. Bertanggungjawab..Dia hendaklah seorang yang mementingkan ibu bapanya..Yang sentiasa menjenguk ibu bapanya..Yang sentiasa mengambil berat akan ibu bapanya..Jika ibu bapanya sedang hidup melarat dan dia hidup hebat…say good bye laaa

9. Mempunyai wajah yang tenang..Wajahnya tenang setenang waktu dia bercakap dan bertindak..

10. Jujur & berterus terang..Aku menerima apa adanya,tetapi tolong berterus-terang dengan aku..Sebab aku tidak mahu kepercayaan yang aku beri 100% hanya tipu semata-mata. Aku sendiri kurang pasti dengan masa depan ini.,Cuma aku menetapkan kriteria-kriteria ini bukan bermakna aku terlalu memilih tetapi aku harus memikirkan masa depanku,untuk ibu bapaku dan untuk anak-anakku… 

p/s:hee..ini hanyalah utk renungan bersama dlm memilih pasangan hidup pada masa hadapan..Berfikir dahulu sblm brtindak..Sediakan payung sblm hujan. =) khidmat pesann ringks ini dbwa oleh cik peace..

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Today could be said as a fine day for me.. I had a bowling competition today under PIBG Hira' for My lil brother's school.. I had to be a
replacement for my dad who went to Kelantan,preparing our stay for this coming school holiday.. (We are going for a family day with all the cousins there..)

At first,I dont feel like going since I'm not as a religious girl as before..
Thats the effect taken after I went to a normal high school but AlhamdulillahI could still keep my good attitude (it only affect my style)..Well,it also because I hate the alienated feeling blending with muallim,muallimah ..ustazah..hee,I think this happened because of a little dissappoinment I had when I had to leave Hira'..I lovethat school very much..
lil bowler
Enough of that story..It happen I could adapt myself with the peoplesurrounding that day..We played happily without a thought of winning..Some would only aim for the jackpot prize..Ahaha..We dont really caremuch about that n I dont put any hope in winning since all of us still an amateur..Moreover,it happened that my ex-classmate from standard 5 also when to the tournament..We talked a lot and exchanged news..I could not possibly say how happy I am to meet her..its been 6 years since we last met..
Besides that,I'm also attached to Muallimah Adibah who's played in ourgroup.In a minute,we had been quite friendly to each other.
Once the gamestart,we helped n encouraged our team to play happily.
It make me happyto know she also like archery sport..She told
me there's an archery trainingclub in Section 13..How glad I am
to heard that..(I'm going there soon..hee)After we fnished our game,
we had a lunch of nasi tomato..OMG..I like
ayam masak merah..Its super duper delicious..ahaha..Like KFC's
advertisement "Sedap hingga menjilat jari"..ahaha..fine..I'm not sure its
KFC or McD..I don care actually cause I'm never a fan of that fast food..
Time for the winner announcement..Dup Dap..Dup Dap..I wait..
Suddenly, ROSEMARY..ROSEMARY..(I stop thinking..which Rosemary?
Is it me?cause I know there's another Rosemary there..)then..
Rosemary from Mohd Azam's team..OMG..It really is me..Seriously..
besfren 4eva
I won 2nd place in female student individual?

Ahaha..I cant really believe
it cause I thought I had played badly..The first place goes to my ownbesfriend(ex-classmate).. AFIQAH..ahaha..Its excited me..we won it together with slightest point difference..Hee..I'm going to snap few pictures with her..
In a lucky draw,my mom got a toaster..Ahaha..Luckily,my siblings love
toasted bread..Yummy~
Hee,once home..Everyone search for a comfortable place to sleep n had a nice rest..(Of course after prayer)

(hihi..I met Afiqah,Israq n Zakwan at the tournament..-myexclassmate-)

Show off (^_^)

proud of our prizes..hee

the MC's present

3 of my team..

Monday, May 16, 2011

SpeciAL AwarD

Anda menerima mesej para Pemenang Award pilihan
Cik Rosemary..Sila tekan BAWAH utk terus membacanya....


1- Paling kerap dikunjungi Rosemary
    [ Nurull Kheilda ]

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2- Sweet n Interesting Post
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3- Inspiring
    [Fatin Nasuha]

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4- Lovey Dovey blogger
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5- Penuh Pringatan
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Ok..dats all Award yg trfikir..x nk byk2..nt x bes pulakkn..
Penat org pusing2 cari blog yg trse brkenan..hahaha
nak award mne..pndai2 la urus sndri yek..adioz

(Ini hanyalah sekadar suka suki..sbrg aduan sila delete skrg
krn sgala aduan tdk akn dilayan..hehehe)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Confused n Total blank...

Yeah!I'm confused right now..I dont know what to think..
Should I go or should I not?That question still unsolved
in my mind after discussion with my parents last night..
its hard to choose since I'm also hoping for ipta result
which is the same with my dad opinion..But another reason
my dad choose ipta is because its much cheaper in cost n
their intake are late..he worried bout my health..Just yesterday
I had flu and felt like getting a fever..urgg..its worst to have that
feel.Besides that,my platelet gone down..I can't blame him
for thinking much bout him..cause he care for me..
Well,the other side of me agree with mom..Although she dont
said it loud I could almost know what she was thinking.She's hoping
for me to go to that college n further my study.Her reason was,the
course I take is suitable with nowadays demand..Furthermore,the
subject should be quite easy for me n wont burden me..She likes the
environment there n place i'm staying..An apartmen n cafe not far
from beach..Guarded..Its quite nice I think..
As for my case..I have few reason too..I want to know ipta result
cause i'm hoping to get a much better,liked course than I'm going
to take right now (Engineering technology multimedia)..Thats include
the cheaper cost expense n I dont want to regret it one day for making
a rash decision..When I think bout my health..It might also be better
to register n start my studies late..maybe until I'm fully recovered..
It might eased my dad worries..
My other half part told me its fine to go to that college.It might be
fun n not as bad as what I had imagine or thought..The environment
are quite nice..Staying in apartmen means u might only have 4 roommates..
Isn't that great?U r staying n learning in port dickson..I can run to sea
like Sarah recommended if i'm stress..hee..its not like i'm suiciding
myself ok..I'm excited n have all that mix feeling thinking of going..
I can learn new things..have more friends n experience.. many negatives n positives that I have to view..The registration
is tomorrow and that administration had called for my confirmation
but I cant give any right now..I asked my dad to do it for me..
I think i'm still a baby when its time to make a decision..Nah..
let it be..I'm happy as long as I can still further my study..
Sorry,Althought I said I'm going to write in Malay here but its my'
habit expressing my feelings in english even when I'm just talking
to myself or,dont mind it ok..