Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Confused n Total blank...

Yeah!I'm confused right now..I dont know what to think..
Should I go or should I not?That question still unsolved
in my mind after discussion with my parents last night..
its hard to choose since I'm also hoping for ipta result
which is the same with my dad opinion..But another reason
my dad choose ipta is because its much cheaper in cost n
their intake are late..he worried bout my health..Just yesterday
I had flu and felt like getting a fever..urgg..its worst to have that
feel.Besides that,my platelet gone down..I can't blame him
for thinking much bout him..cause he care for me..
Well,the other side of me agree with mom..Although she dont
said it loud I could almost know what she was thinking.She's hoping
for me to go to that college n further my study.Her reason was,the
course I take is suitable with nowadays demand..Furthermore,the
subject should be quite easy for me n wont burden me..She likes the
environment there n place i'm staying..An apartmen n cafe not far
from beach..Guarded..Its quite nice I think..
As for my case..I have few reason too..I want to know ipta result
cause i'm hoping to get a much better,liked course than I'm going
to take right now (Engineering technology multimedia)..Thats include
the cheaper cost expense n I dont want to regret it one day for making
a rash decision..When I think bout my health..It might also be better
to register n start my studies late..maybe until I'm fully recovered..
It might eased my dad worries..
My other half part told me its fine to go to that college.It might be
fun n not as bad as what I had imagine or thought..The environment
are quite nice..Staying in apartmen means u might only have 4 roommates..
Isn't that great?U r staying n learning in port dickson..I can run to sea
like Sarah recommended if i'm stress..hee..its not like i'm suiciding
myself ok..I'm excited n have all that mix feeling thinking of going..
I can learn new things..have more friends n experience.. many negatives n positives that I have to view..The registration
is tomorrow and that administration had called for my confirmation
but I cant give any right now..I asked my dad to do it for me..
I think i'm still a baby when its time to make a decision..Nah..
let it be..I'm happy as long as I can still further my study..
Sorry,Althought I said I'm going to write in Malay here but its my'
habit expressing my feelings in english even when I'm just talking
to myself or,dont mind it ok..