Saturday, May 28, 2011

Say I LOVE you....

Today,I made my mom a piece of painting..I do love art very much..
It took me 2 days two finish it..Its nothing great actually.It just that I
dont feel easy when I had given my mom nothing except for a far away
wishes (since I'm in college on mother's day )..Normally,I would
celebrate any special dates regarding my mom..This year birthday
suprised was a success..My mom never thought I would even done it..
(You can check my january post about it )
Anyway,this is for my  LOVELY MOM :
Pasembor -mom's favourite-

my painting for her..

first sketch

the differences

Actually,I had a discussion with my sisters of our plan celebrating
mother's day but they also had no idea but then..Ehah gave me this
idea :
  Making a video of us wishing for our mom n shows our gratitude
and copy it into a CD..At first,I do think its a bit difficult to do it
since our computer had bit of problem with copying CD..
Later,I had thought of other way to do it..Why dont we film it
n have it shown through youtube ( I'll make it private )..It might
even be more fun..Alright..I'll do it that way..
Problem solve..hahaha..
just saying..    
'Je t'aime maman '

p/s: Now,things left is planning father's day celebration..I might do it
early since I'm not too sure the date for me to go back into college. 
Tell your idea if you have one..hehe