Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Movie Critics

Last monday,I'm back from my cousin's house in Selayang..Well,I had
a nice spend day there for 3 day n 2 nite..It worth it since I'm a bit stress
lately and having heard my parents busy schedule on school holiday..hehe
Anyway,I had a good time watching pirates of carribean latest movie on
stranger tides..
The movie aren't as bad as the comments I had read..It told that the
movie had started to be boring with same theme (adventure) and had
not much action..
Well,I could agree on that (not much action) and I dont really prefer
the new girl actor (I dont know why I'm annoyed with her but at the
same time,I'm not a fan of the girl actor before her) maybe its
because I dont really like her acting..Thanks to Johnny Depp for
saving the movie with his funny action unpredictable character
(Jack Sparrow)..Hurm,I couldn't say its negative but I could
give 3 1/2 star from 5 star..People say the reason they like
the movie is for their funny scene..
While waiting for the movie premier..I had a walk with Yana
around the mall and bought three shirts..When I'm home,I went to shopping again but this time I bought a shoe and two books.
I truly had to buy the shoe because my ankle was hurting from wearing
that tight shoe..I also had ashamed myself by falling on knees while walking back to our car..huhu...Zafri was behind me and saw how I'm falling..(Seriously putting an OK face..)Its terrible you know..I had
a bruise on my left leg..Pain when doing the solat..huhu..Sabar jela..