Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Beloved Books

I had brought home this two books..I had started reading
the '' book..Not finish it yet..I'm
pretty busy lately and I thought of reading it on family
day at kelantan ( not a good idea right? ) Well,thats only
incase I'm feeling bored or getting on bad mood since
I'm easily losing my mood whenever going back there..
I'm sorry I could not really tell you what the story really is
about but I had taken a liken to the book I'm reading now..
The usen language is quite sempoi ( easy ) and fun to read..
Cant wait to finish it but had to find time doing it..huhu..
Anyway,about the shoes I  bought before,I find it really
comfortable to wear and walk with it..Even my sis praise
my shoes and asked my advice to find better shoes next time
( She could not really make better choice on shoe search )..
I admit her praise cause I had only wear it for two times but
I cant wait to go out once more with the shoes..hehe
I'm posting the picture of books I had bought..One in a
malay language and another one in english language (the shape shifter)..
I also upload a picture from a fashion book..