Saturday, July 16, 2011

Coming Home Experience

I'm HOME !!!
Its time to post something!
Seriously,it had been a busy life..Well,I had lot of assignment on my first class but its fine to me since its not to hard (I think ^^)
I'm glad that I'm back home now..
It had been a tiring,weird day yesterday..
I dont know why I thought its a nice day..Alhamdulillah....
I helped an old man by giving a seat to him,being friendly with older people..Smiling (not doing my snobbish look)..Ok,there's one more thing..I made a mistake..huhu..
My face was blushing at that time..err..I want to forget it..
There's one more story..At first,it did gave me a creep..
I arrived at Subang Jaya KTM in front of carrefour..
Truthfully,I felt bit hungry since I didn't take any food yet..
I bought keropok lekor but there's not seat around there..
So,I had to walk to carrefour and find a seat there..
My shoulder was hurt by the time I found a seat..
I ate there ignoring people watching..Why should I care when my stomach was in hunger..hihi
Everyhting was find but there's this guy who watched me weirdly..
I dont know what was his intention but I tried to be positive..
I saw him twice..first when he's going to the toilet and second when he's back from the toilet..
He kept on staring me..I scared me since I'm alone..
Once again,I ignored it and when to the toilet checking if there was anything weird by my look..
Ok,check!Nothing was wrong..In fact,I thought I'm looking good..hehehe
Back from the toilet,I was suprised seeing the same man standing near the place I had sat..
Seriously,I felt uneasy..he kept staring me
(although I thought he was good looking but it scary ;p)
I walk away and took a look at things there..There's so many girlish thing that I like..
I thought of buying it when suddenly the man stand beside me..
Luckily,I'm still cool but my wish to buy the cute pin there was cancelled..huhu
I walk from there and when to another floor..huhu..Ummi..I'm scared..
Its tiring walking without purpose but I dont know where to go so I sat silently at the bench..
Then,Ummi called..Yes!She's here and we are going for a lunch..
Great!I dont eat anything worth yet (I love my money ^^ so I dont want to spend it..hii)
Later on,we went to carrefour to buy drinks for ummi's student..
Oh man,I had to walk through that place again?
I just happened to know that the man is a promoter at one of a store there.. He saw me and stared again..
I tried to smile as if nothing happened but i cant pretend (its my nature to show the truth..that what my friend told me..I cant hide my feeling )..
Whatever happend at the mall..I dont want to care..
I'm glad I'm home and can accopany my ummie slept and followed her to her class while doing my research..
Thats all for now..I', continuing my assignment..
Adios internet!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

L for Love,L for Lies

I just watch this movie..At first I saw the review by others..Well,there's many thought about this movie.. I think I'm quite agree with some of the comments..The story was absolutely interesting..At first it look kinda boring but later on it became more and more interesting..
Yeah..the actors know how to act in the movie and they all are a goold looking people (hehe)..There's humour,love and many emotion that make you like the movie but the end was suck..Thats what make the reviewer angry..Well,its the same with me..I watch the movie and almost cried but had to swept it because the horrible and stupid ending..
I dont know whether I should let you watch it or not because you would felt kinda regret watching it by the time the story almost end..Seriously..I HATE the ending..Its twisting the story too much..Its fine if the writer want to put 2 story in one movie but please dont make it twisted too much..It spoiling the movie..
Evenmore,there's too much kissing scene that make me hate the movie..Well yeah..Its not suitable for those under 18..Too much sexual kissing (euww)..However,I still want to congratulate the writer for almost making a success scrip..Put more effort in it next time and take the bad comment as a lesson..
The conclusion is......
Everything is perfect from the story line and the actors but sucks in the end..It only make me a bit regret..I just hope I forget the twisted ending..The writer should have end the story with the death of the man..
Anyway, I'm giving you choice to watch it or not so I'm linking it :

Sunday, July 3, 2011

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Sophie's Revenge

Play cast : 

  • Fan Bingbing as Sophie 
Late twenties. Comic Book artist. She is a creative, strong-willed young lady who is full of creative ideas.
A photographer, he gets entangled in Sophie's web of intrigue.
  • Zang Ziyi as Joanna 
Late twenties, famous movie star.
Early thirties, USA-trained surgeon. Since Jeff is the "dream husband", two women (his ex-girlfriend and current girlfriend) fight for his love. He cannot stand the idea of his girlfriend still tangled up with his old flame.
Late twenties, Sophie's close friend and her literary agent. She changes her boyfriends faster than she changes her underwear.
Late twenties, Sophie's other close friend. Her greatest goal in life is to marry a rich man.

My movie review :
Hm..How should I comment about this movie..
Well,from my point of view..The tittle is quite interesting..It managed to captivated my attention to watch it because I'm quite picky choosing a movie..Especially when its a chinese movie..
Erm,its not like I dont like it..Its just that how i am..It need some criteria to interest me..hee

Back to the main topic..The story was fun and lovely especially when the story almost come to an end.. Yeah, I admit the story kinda foolish and too stupid in the beginning but at last it turn out wonderful..I cant stop smiling,laughing and crying watching this movie..It full of emotion..
Moreover,it could also be a lesson for those afraid to love,hard to accept the fact and those who are not loyal to their partner..
The actors are good in acting their role..It let you feel the story although the girl character is a bit crazy and messy..haha^^
Anyway,it really worth watching it..