Friday, July 1, 2011

Sophie's Revenge

Play cast : 

  • Fan Bingbing as Sophie 
Late twenties. Comic Book artist. She is a creative, strong-willed young lady who is full of creative ideas.
A photographer, he gets entangled in Sophie's web of intrigue.
  • Zang Ziyi as Joanna 
Late twenties, famous movie star.
Early thirties, USA-trained surgeon. Since Jeff is the "dream husband", two women (his ex-girlfriend and current girlfriend) fight for his love. He cannot stand the idea of his girlfriend still tangled up with his old flame.
Late twenties, Sophie's close friend and her literary agent. She changes her boyfriends faster than she changes her underwear.
Late twenties, Sophie's other close friend. Her greatest goal in life is to marry a rich man.

My movie review :
Hm..How should I comment about this movie..
Well,from my point of view..The tittle is quite interesting..It managed to captivated my attention to watch it because I'm quite picky choosing a movie..Especially when its a chinese movie..
Erm,its not like I dont like it..Its just that how i am..It need some criteria to interest me..hee

Back to the main topic..The story was fun and lovely especially when the story almost come to an end.. Yeah, I admit the story kinda foolish and too stupid in the beginning but at last it turn out wonderful..I cant stop smiling,laughing and crying watching this movie..It full of emotion..
Moreover,it could also be a lesson for those afraid to love,hard to accept the fact and those who are not loyal to their partner..
The actors are good in acting their role..It let you feel the story although the girl character is a bit crazy and messy..haha^^
Anyway,it really worth watching it..