Monday, July 4, 2011

L for Love,L for Lies

I just watch this movie..At first I saw the review by others..Well,there's many thought about this movie.. I think I'm quite agree with some of the comments..The story was absolutely interesting..At first it look kinda boring but later on it became more and more interesting..
Yeah..the actors know how to act in the movie and they all are a goold looking people (hehe)..There's humour,love and many emotion that make you like the movie but the end was suck..Thats what make the reviewer angry..Well,its the same with me..I watch the movie and almost cried but had to swept it because the horrible and stupid ending..
I dont know whether I should let you watch it or not because you would felt kinda regret watching it by the time the story almost end..Seriously..I HATE the ending..Its twisting the story too much..Its fine if the writer want to put 2 story in one movie but please dont make it twisted too much..It spoiling the movie..
Evenmore,there's too much kissing scene that make me hate the movie..Well yeah..Its not suitable for those under 18..Too much sexual kissing (euww)..However,I still want to congratulate the writer for almost making a success scrip..Put more effort in it next time and take the bad comment as a lesson..
The conclusion is......
Everything is perfect from the story line and the actors but sucks in the end..It only make me a bit regret..I just hope I forget the twisted ending..The writer should have end the story with the death of the man..
Anyway, I'm giving you choice to watch it or not so I'm linking it :