Monday, February 28, 2011


It was midnight late.I woke up from the same horrifying nightmares.They kept hunting me.There's lot of voices. Its terrifying.each of them kept on saying things I could not possibly understand.What do they want from me? Leave me alone.Please!!
My head was hurt.I pick up the light and walked along the the dark corridor.Everyone were aslept but I dont want to continue my sleep.I dont want to have that dream again.I lifted up the light a bit more so I could see the way although my hands had memorised it.I kept on walking and walking until the end of the corridors.
I stand there for awhile counting myself to turn or stay on the same path.Its too dark that I cant see anything although I'm holding a light but I still cant see a thing.An eerie talktive feeling tried to persuade me.Feel the presence of dark.Go for it.Search for it.Release yourself and search the darkness.It kept on saying words by words.There's again,so many words.I cant stand it.I'm going deaf.Its too noisy.Quiet!Leave me alone!Why were you kept on bothering me?
Both of my hands now were closing my ears.Trying not to hear any of their words.Tears were making their way for freedom.Free from being lock inside a box of tears I had kept behind my eyes.Keeping it safe from others to see.Swallowing the painful heart which hurts badly alone.Resist from taking others help.Building a thick invisible strong wall that no one can see or touch it.
But why?Am I really that coward who doesn't want to take any risk?Owh,Anis..You are such a coward. So sweet,a cute cowardy.Come Anis.Come..Join us..We had been waiting for you.You wont be alone this time.We will all accompany you.Come Anis.Why were you hesitating?Its no use.You cant do anything to us.Cone.Join us. The voice tempting again and again.It kept getting stronger later on that I almost fooled myself to follow the voices.
This time,I desperately clutching the light and turn back to my room.I dont care anymore.The voices were much terrifying darkness I could ever feel.Their voice kept on calling my name.Asking me to join them. Its really confusing.What was this all about?Mommy,daddy..I'm scared.Please,help me.I'm too scared..
As soon I opened the door to my room,I collapsed.It had making me breathing so hard that I felt suffocating. The light was off as soon I had dropped it. There,I am lying unconciously on the floor with both eyes closing tight.A single little tear drop out off my eyes.
It is time for me to die wasn't it?Those voice,they were the voice of the dead and the voice of mine.I had already aware of it but I choose not to believe until the day came.This was my foolish part of self.Egoistic and selfish person who want to keep the barrier straight and strong so none could pass it.After all this,I'm still
Out of the most black darkest shadow in the room,a woman was smiling of joy.Seeing her new victim so helplessly waiting to die.The smiles died down.Another person came out of the shadow greeting the woman looking at her new victim.Without hesitating the woman went her way to Anis wanting to take her soul.Her hands were about to reach and touch Anis heart but she could not.There's still one tiny piece of light in her heart and it was pure too.Her hands felt burning hot.She jump backward suprised.
The man smiled pleasantly.The woman was uncapable of touching the girl heart which always pray to her god.She might be some confuse girl right now but this was the beginning of the journey.The woman stared at the man.A hot blood of angers controlling the woman.She took the man back to their place sending her avengeful spirit to accompany her victim.Taking control of their mind little by little.That was her job as a devil. The man was a grim reaper.He was much more mysterious and hard to predict.No one knows his true nature. 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The memories ??

 Today,Sherlyn and Coral are going to spend time in the wood near the green field.The weather are great with a windy summer breeze.Even Mrs Adelyn agree that they should have a picnic there.Besides that,the wood is like a playground to Sherlyn since she had been there frequently.She would know the best place to have a picnic.
    A basket full of dishes had been packed by Mrs Adelyn that morning with the helped of the two girls. “Well,Well.My work had been much easier with the help of two lovely girl,”said Mrs Adelyn with a gentle kind smile on her face.
    The two girls giggle.Please with the compliment.Jason had been watching quietly from the side.He walk towards them shyly.Once more,Sherlyn let out a small giggle when she see Jason’s shy face.Oh,he’s so cute.
   “Can I follow both of you?”Jason ask.
   “Of course you are going with us.Besides,my mum had asked me to look over you as we spend time here.”replied Coral while her hands busy ticking on the checklist.Her face shone with smile.
    Sherlyn wear her favourite purple dress with a small pink ribbons while Coral dress casually,a light blue shirt and a jeans.Jason wear his brown sleeveless shirt and bought along an old dark blue book.Sherlyn had her eye on the book.She had never seen that book before when they first came.
    The weather are absolutely nice and made Coral sing an old song she had learn at school.Jason hear it silently with interest.That is his first time hearing the song.Moreover,Coral’s voice is melodious and it made the song sounds more beautiful.

p/s:well?what do u think of the stories?is it ok?not sure with the tittle yet..might change after finishing the story.. (>_<)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Storm Of Heart (continuation)

   Today would be the first day of new born Sara..She would not be the same girl as before.A girl which everyone took advantage when she's kind.A girl where anyone could backstab her easily.No,this time it would not be the same Sara.This new Sara would not silent herself anymore.The devils in her heart are playing graceful sound of victory for taking Sara's heart.Now,Sara's heart is full of hatred n avenge.Sara's walk down to her class smiling of an evil.She sit at her place as usual and do her own business like she did any other day.
   Sara's eyes are watching her bad-mouth friends.How could they?Sara's thought and tears are coming through her eyes.The devils whispered and the tears are suck back into her eyes.She look them with anger.They are no longer her friend.They will pay for it.Said Sara while her hands clutching hard on the pen.
   When the other students enjoy their break time,Sara sneak into her class.She make sure no one there.Her plan would be a great success to her.A black ink is in Sara's hand.She's going to pour the ink into her preys bag.As she pour the ink into their bag,Sara's heart keep on beating fast.It almost suck out all Sara's breath.She almost tremble with fear for her wrong doing but its too late now.She wont turn back.It was her who choose that path so she will keep doing it until she satisfied herself.
    That afternoon,the three girls are screaming.Their hands are black and sticky with ink.A satisfiying smile appeared on her face but she hide it quickly as not to be seen and suspect by others.Everyone rush to the girls wanting to know the stories.At first,the situation are a bit noisy but the discipline teacher manage it.The teacher check on everyone bag but could find nothing.Once more,Sara smile a hidden joyful smile.They would not find it anyway.She had exterminate the evidence successfully where no one who ever find it.
   That is the start of her mischievious behavior.No one would ever expect and thought her.She was a good sweet little girl.Besides that,she had make many friend than before.Anyone who annoyed her would be her new victim.They would not guess her since she was a good obedient girl.The teachers themselves were puzzled.They called her 'phantom'.
   Phantom..she said it to herself and let out a sinister smile.That would be a great name and suit her.Sara's is spending her day in her room.She is bore for not knowing things to do.She open the net and play a few games after checking her mail.Then,she click on the recent blog she opened.It is a blog that tells bout supernatural. She started to like it since her personalities changed.It would give her ideas of more mischievious thing.It almost like her source of evil energy.
   An idea of sneaking out come to her mind.Her parents are controlling her life way too much but they themselves are busy.Many times their promise were broken because of their work.Even had started feeling disgusted and could hardly believe their word.She open her wardrobe and choose a red cloth.She look at the watch.Its still early.Her parents would be home around evening.There's plenty of time.She told herself and laugh while humming a song.
   It had been a couple of week after her sneak.She even had a few new friends to hanging out when she's bored.All her doing is still a secret from her parents.They even planned to shopping few clothes for a party.She could imagine her mom's suprise face if she knows her doing.This time,she prepare few things to use as she's going out.She would dress in the toilet there.
   The mall are full of people.She keep walking with her friend happily.She had been used to her new lifestyle.She wear a dark eyeliner almost like a gothic.A clothes that an emo always wear.They are fully tired after walking from shop to shop searching for their favourite cloth.Taking pictures like crazy.They sit at the bench provide by the mall management.
   Sara's sit there watching people walking in and out of shops with uncount reason.Even she had her own reason.Its not that she like the place herself but she just want to release her tension and stress.It one of ways to rebel.She keep looking watching the life dramas scene.Then,her eyes caught a girl a bit older than her with a little boy which she think might be the girl's little brother.She look sweet and nice.Sara's adore her.She felt attracted by her manners.
   Without thinking,Sara walk toward the girl who look suprise by her approach.Even Sara's friend astonish by her doing.Normally,they would not dare to greet someone who look religious.The little boy stared.His face shown a fear maybe at her heavy make-up.That is the start of her friendship with that sister who's name is Maisara.She laught when they first exhange name.Sara and Maisara..What a unique combination.
   Since that day,Sara loves spending time with her new sister.She's the one who teach her to became her old self.She's the one who show her light after hiding herself in darkness.She's like an angel to her reaching for her when needed.Sara's parents had met Maisara when Sara's insisted to introduce them to her new beloved sister.Moreover,Sara had told her parents all her bad attitude before.Her mom cried when she heard it from Sara but later calm down on her own.Sara's dad keep on silent on his chair choosing suitable word.At last, they decide to punish Sara with a house chores for a month.But they also learn something from the incident n resolve not to let it happen again.

p/s:hie..sory for the ending..i took a shortcut so its ending aren't really fun to me.well,I cant stand my eyes any much longer.They are really heavy n might close in a mean time..hehe..besides,my mood had calm down a bit so i cant think of a better ending..

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Helpful Little Ant

What i'm most grateful today is..a little tiny ant helped me to wake up
n did asar's prayer..Its almost 7pm at that time..There's only 15 minutes
left for me to pray..ahaha..thank god..But haplessly,the ant died of my
'tenyehan'..kekeke.."spe suruh ganggu ak tdo?"Dats what in my mind..hee~
At last,I woke myself up and went to the bathroom for a wuduk n finish my
business..After a bit of mind refreshing, a thankful thought came into my mind..
Well,I'm feeling bit guilty after all..hee~to cheers my heart,i told myself
dat the ants died in small syahid..kekeke..syahid from waking me up..

Small but helpful..Thats what a small little ant which i think annoying
because i always been attacked by those small creatures..
(do I disturbing their territories?hm..don know myself..)
It did a great job today..waking me up sometimes could be a bit tough..
I tend to get back to sleep..Even my noisy alarm can't do it..

Monday, February 21, 2011

Interest I think..

ahaha..i had a fun tired day
i woke early today n went to mosque wif family..s usual..
we had a breakfast at putra new fav. place to eat
when it comes to tosai..hee~the scene there were beautiful..
cant get my eyes off it n a thought of taking photos there came in..
lol..maybe i'm interested in taking photos??
ahaha..i dont know myself..
Later on,we followed our mom to the nearest market..
hee~thats how i got my own mulberry tree..
really like it..cause its a berry..
(started liking berries since form1..had been push to eat it ;p)
funny lol how my lil' bro protest when he doesn't get his
own tree..ahaha..he sat at the corner wif gloomy
at last,my mom bought it for dad had taken interest
in lemon tree n bought it too..
ngee~back home,i could still playing badminton wif my
lil bro..ahaha..funny play though..well,i had a rest for 5 minutes
n started my new project..'Taking Care of Mulberry'..ahaha
i put my tree in a pot n helped my bro placed his into ground..
well,thats not enough activities for me..i cooked a squid..
my new recipe's though..(my habit to used anything i could see)
happy that my family like it..(maybe i could be a chef?)
i had a late bath that day..huhu
then,a though of making my own photoshoot came again..
(it had been few tmes actually but i denied it many times)
ahaha..what a making me more tired than before..
so, i had a good rest sleep..n managed myself to on9
around 8pm n above..but not going 2 sleep late again..hee~

msg to lily:
lily,,i followed a bit like Dara's magazine by putting accessories at my tudung..hihi
want to show u n encourage u doing it the same..huhu..realy want to stay overnite
at ur house n photoshoot like crazy..ngee~

Monday, February 14, 2011

Resepi mudah

I have to cook 4 today's menu which actually i dont feel like doing it today but have to.My mum gone to school looking aftr her student..Well,I just cook whatever I feel,this is the recipe

sotong masak merah (squid) -he2..i just put up wif name-

u nid:
-cili merah n hijau (depend kpd thp kpedasn yg diingini..)
-2 bwg merah
-3 bwg putih
-lada hitam
-sos cili n sos tomato

  •  tumbuk halus cili n bwg kemudian tumiskn(goreng utk yg x fhm istlah tumis)
  • masukkn sotong bila bhn tumis kekuningn n brbau harum.
  • msukkn sdikit lada hitam
  • sos tomato,sos cili n garam scukup rse.
  • msukkan air(ikut kadar yg diingini utk kuah)
  • tmbah sos/garam/lada hitam mngikut cita rasa sndri..hak2
snang jer kn..sbb 2 dpnggil sotong msk hentam..hak2..hentam2 mnjadi..hee~

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Exciting Day

Well,today is certainly my most exciting,fun day ever..I went to Mid wif Sueha n Kheilda today..At first, my dad ask me to bring Slman but cancelled it since he want 2 c his fren at Hira'..I'm totally grateful..urgh,i waited long 2 meet kheilda n sueha at kl sntral..I walk round there n at last spend money on buying a beg..hu2..i got it for rm26 after brgain 4 a long tme..she asked 4 rm30 actually..hehe (learn from mom n pn. rodzimah)

We watch movies first..Hard to decide actually..takes bout 15 minutes 4 a last we watch 'green bee'..oppss!!i meean 'green hornet'..hee~its totattly much fun u know..n seriously unboring..I recommend this to anyone who nvr yet watch it..just,it happen there's a really stupid guy there at first who do's some party,so close ur eye at that part k!!!Anyway,congrat 2 de actor 4 making de people in there looks real..n it gaves out much laughter (still can't 4got)

Besides that,thx to,sueha n k-da had a try on a dress downstairs at metrojaya (he tells us)..n had a photoshoot in fitting fun maa..n thx also to sueha's crazy idea to click pic. while wearing scarf n glasses..hee~we all look so [GLAMOUROUS] I seriously like it...(i'll upload it below)

We eat at KFC (after a long discussion)its so funny how we argue in front of a perfume salesman..gahaha.. don care anyway since he isn't hansome (not good 2 say dat maa~)..we had a nice pic. at kl sntral..thx much 4 an unknown sis who helped take our pic. (#>_<#)sueha!!!my full pic look so TEMBAM!!!huhu..don wan..shiro..andemnida..

What I hate most n would nvr allow myself 2 do it once more is having a sardin pack in a train..urg!!!If I have to overgo with it,I would prefer ladies coc..(Batal wuduk woh)..seriously HATE it!!!U know,we had 2 go on a 2nd train after a long wait 4 the 1st train..its S_ _ k..while waiting the 2nd train,we went 4 a prayer..n its a bit funny actually 2 c k-da n sueha standing by themselves without a, I had to get my body a bit smaller to let k-da near the holder while sueha get near us n she hold me until she finally also get to hold the holder..gihihi..


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fly back 2 Malaysia..wheee~

I dunno why i get this mix feeling when I know bout my brother's return from Egypt..
Well,tell u what?I'm actually feeling bit sad to know his return..Its not cause I hate him or
dont want him here..It just that I think it would be much more boring when he's here..I
actualy felt grateful when I know solehah is going to start schooling(its not like i hate her either)
I just want to b alone sumtimes 4 awhile..u know,since I dont feel anymore chemistry btwin us..
I dont feel the yrge to stay home with her..n I dont why I say this but I think I'm started 2 feel
attracted n much closer wif sumaiyah..Maybe cox we started chatting along n we r staying in
a same room (cox she want to)..Morever,I even invite her 2 saty wif in hosptl..I nvr did that
2 others..I normally would only say 'its ok,I cn stay ALONE'..althought the truth was not lke tht.

My mom called n told me Salman would arrive at 1 pm 2morrow..Dont u feel happy?huh?
Hm,no comen from me thought..I dont even felt no worries when I know bout Egypt mess..
Althought my mom watch al-jazeera almost all the tme waiting for the news,I dont feel lke watching
it..I felt nothing..Maybe my pray is starting to come true..2 have a heart hard s stone so I would nvr
cry again in my life..

I better apologize first if ever my siblings read this blog.I dont intend to write all this..but I just
feel the urge to shout it out of my heart.Its truly a time bomb if I kept in 4 a long tme..I wont
know when I'll b in a truly bad mood,mybe I should turn my image into an emo
gothic..might b cool with all black..hahahah..nah..just thinking..not going to b real anyway ;P

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Aku Bakal Designer - Chapter 2.3 -

p/s:sory lme x update crita ni..

[ Detektif Marlissa ]

  Keesokkannya, aku mengatur rancangan untuk bertemu di tempat biasa kami iaitu di taman permainan yang menghadap rumahku jam empat petang.Usai menukar baju sekolah,aku turun ke meja makan melihat hidangan yang dimasak ibuku.Wah,ada ayam masak kari,tom yam dan ikan masak merah!Semuanya makanan yang aku gemari.Tak sabar pula nak makan.

  “Mama,thanks untuk masakan yang sedap ini.You are the best ma.”puji aku sambil menyenduk tom yam.
  Sedang asyik menikmati masakan mama yang tersedap di dunia,mataku melingas ke sekeliling rumah melihat-lihat hiasan yang mama aturkan.Semuanya kelihatan kemas dan menarik.Mama memilih konsep bali untuk menghias ruang makan dan taman di luar.Bahagian-bahagian rumah yang lain mama hias menggunakan gaya kontemporari.Mataku tertancap pada jam dinding rekaan Rafael Morgan yang dibeli ayahku sewaktu bertugas di Jerman.Jam hampir menunjukkan pukul  empat petang.Masih ada 15 minit lagi untuk aku bersiap.Aku mulai kalut.Usai membasuh pinggan yang telah digunakan untuk makan,aku mencapai tudung berwarna hitam yang telah kusangkutkan di almari.Aku sempat membelek-belek diriku di hadapan cermin bagi memastikan tudungku kemas.Sedikit minyak wangi  jenama enchanteur aku semburkan pada diriku sebelum melangkah keluar.
   “Nasib baik sempat.Ha!Itupun Lis baru sampai.”,aku melambai-lambaikan tanganku ke arah Alissa yang berbasikal.
   “Awal kau hari ini.Terkejut aku tengok ada orang melambai-lambai dari jauh.”Alissa memarkirkan basikalnya di hadapan rumahku.
   Aku hanya tersenyum mempamerkan barisan gigi yang putih tersusun seperti iklan ubat gigi colgate.Alissa mengambil tempat duduknya di sebelahku di bawah sepohon angsana.Memang  menjadi kebiasaan kami untuk duduk sambil bercerita rahsia dan gosip di bawah pohon yang redup ini.Malahan,sudah menjadi tugasku pula untuk menbawa tikar kecil untuk kami duduk bersantai manakala Alissa akan membawa sedikit makanan ringan untuk kami jamu.Mataku asyik memandang sekumpulan anak kecil bermain-main di taman permainan yang disediakan untuk kemudahan kejiranan tersebut.Ah,betapa aku rindukan saat-saat manisku ketika kecil!Aku mengeluh perlahan.Namun,keluhan itu didengari Alissa.
  “Kau ni kenapa pula?Dah la termenung jauh melupakan kawan baik kau di sebelah ni,mengeluh pula tu.”Alissa mencuitku sedikit meminta penjelasanku akan sebab pertemuan mereka pada petang itu.
  “Hm,aku cuma teringat masa kecilku dulu.Rindu pula.Aku Cuma mahu kau ceritakan pada aku kalau kau ada masalah.Kitakan kawan.Friends in need is a friend indeed.Isn’t my dear,”Aku membalas sambil memujuk manja.
  “Hish!kau ni.Tak payah nak gedik dengan aku boleh tak?Aku tau la Inggeris kau power tapi tak payah la menonjol sangat.Terkebil-kebil aku jadinya nanti.Aku bukan tidak mahu ceritakan pada kau Cuma aku tidak mahu kau terlalu risaukan aku kemudian hari.Kau sendiri pun tahu perangai kau kan?”ujar Alissa sayu.
  “Ok.I promise tak akan buat macam tu.Aku akan cuba control sifat keibuan aku ni.Hihi.”aku tersengih sambil menunjukkan jari kelingkingku bersedia untuk melakukan satu pinky promise.
   Jariku disambut erat Alissa.Kami melepaskan jari kami dengan satu ketawa kecil.Melalui ini,dia memberitahuku akan penyakitnya.Dia disahkan menghidap cancer tahap 2 beberapa minggu yang lalu.Dia dijadualkan akan menjalani rawatan lusa ini.Berita ini sangat mengejutkan buat diriku yang begitu rapat dengannya.Hal ini kerana Alissa kelihatan sihat seperti biasa kecuali selera makannya yang menurun dan perubahan sikapnya yang sedikit pendiam akhir-akhir ini.
   Aku senyap menundukkan kepalaku menahan tangis.Alissa juga berbuat demikian.Mungkin dia merasa serba salah kerana memberitahuku agak lewat.Aku mencapai tangannya dan mengenggamnya erat.Aku mengangkat kepalaku dan melemparkan senyuman kepadanya.Menandakan aku sudah boleh menerima berita yang diberikannya.Kami masih setia bersantai di bawah pohon angsana itu sambil menikmati angin petang yang indah ciptaan tuhan yang satu untuk beberapa ketika sebelum memutuskan untuk pulang.