Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Helpful Little Ant

What i'm most grateful today is..a little tiny ant helped me to wake up
n did asar's prayer..Its almost 7pm at that time..There's only 15 minutes
left for me to pray..ahaha..thank god..But haplessly,the ant died of my
'tenyehan'..kekeke.."spe suruh ganggu ak tdo?"Dats what in my mind..hee~
At last,I woke myself up and went to the bathroom for a wuduk n finish my
business..After a bit of mind refreshing, a thankful thought came into my mind..
Well,I'm feeling bit guilty after all..hee~to cheers my heart,i told myself
dat the ants died in small syahid..kekeke..syahid from waking me up..

Small but helpful..Thats what a small little ant which i think annoying
because i always been attacked by those small creatures..
(do I disturbing their territories?hm..don know myself..)
It did a great job today..waking me up sometimes could be a bit tough..
I tend to get back to sleep..Even my noisy alarm can't do it..