Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Storm Of Heart (continuation)

   Today would be the first day of new born Sara..She would not be the same girl as before.A girl which everyone took advantage when she's kind.A girl where anyone could backstab her easily.No,this time it would not be the same Sara.This new Sara would not silent herself anymore.The devils in her heart are playing graceful sound of victory for taking Sara's heart.Now,Sara's heart is full of hatred n avenge.Sara's walk down to her class smiling of an evil.She sit at her place as usual and do her own business like she did any other day.
   Sara's eyes are watching her bad-mouth friends.How could they?Sara's thought and tears are coming through her eyes.The devils whispered and the tears are suck back into her eyes.She look them with anger.They are no longer her friend.They will pay for it.Said Sara while her hands clutching hard on the pen.
   When the other students enjoy their break time,Sara sneak into her class.She make sure no one there.Her plan would be a great success to her.A black ink is in Sara's hand.She's going to pour the ink into her preys bag.As she pour the ink into their bag,Sara's heart keep on beating fast.It almost suck out all Sara's breath.She almost tremble with fear for her wrong doing but its too late now.She wont turn back.It was her who choose that path so she will keep doing it until she satisfied herself.
    That afternoon,the three girls are screaming.Their hands are black and sticky with ink.A satisfiying smile appeared on her face but she hide it quickly as not to be seen and suspect by others.Everyone rush to the girls wanting to know the stories.At first,the situation are a bit noisy but the discipline teacher manage it.The teacher check on everyone bag but could find nothing.Once more,Sara smile a hidden joyful smile.They would not find it anyway.She had exterminate the evidence successfully where no one who ever find it.
   That is the start of her mischievious behavior.No one would ever expect and thought her.She was a good sweet little girl.Besides that,she had make many friend than before.Anyone who annoyed her would be her new victim.They would not guess her since she was a good obedient girl.The teachers themselves were puzzled.They called her 'phantom'.
   Phantom..she said it to herself and let out a sinister smile.That would be a great name and suit her.Sara's is spending her day in her room.She is bore for not knowing things to do.She open the net and play a few games after checking her mail.Then,she click on the recent blog she opened.It is a blog that tells bout supernatural. She started to like it since her personalities changed.It would give her ideas of more mischievious thing.It almost like her source of evil energy.
   An idea of sneaking out come to her mind.Her parents are controlling her life way too much but they themselves are busy.Many times their promise were broken because of their work.Even had started feeling disgusted and could hardly believe their word.She open her wardrobe and choose a red cloth.She look at the watch.Its still early.Her parents would be home around evening.There's plenty of time.She told herself and laugh while humming a song.
   It had been a couple of week after her sneak.She even had a few new friends to hanging out when she's bored.All her doing is still a secret from her parents.They even planned to shopping few clothes for a party.She could imagine her mom's suprise face if she knows her doing.This time,she prepare few things to use as she's going out.She would dress in the toilet there.
   The mall are full of people.She keep walking with her friend happily.She had been used to her new lifestyle.She wear a dark eyeliner almost like a gothic.A clothes that an emo always wear.They are fully tired after walking from shop to shop searching for their favourite cloth.Taking pictures like crazy.They sit at the bench provide by the mall management.
   Sara's sit there watching people walking in and out of shops with uncount reason.Even she had her own reason.Its not that she like the place herself but she just want to release her tension and stress.It one of ways to rebel.She keep looking watching the life dramas scene.Then,her eyes caught a girl a bit older than her with a little boy which she think might be the girl's little brother.She look sweet and nice.Sara's adore her.She felt attracted by her manners.
   Without thinking,Sara walk toward the girl who look suprise by her approach.Even Sara's friend astonish by her doing.Normally,they would not dare to greet someone who look religious.The little boy stared.His face shown a fear maybe at her heavy make-up.That is the start of her friendship with that sister who's name is Maisara.She laught when they first exhange name.Sara and Maisara..What a unique combination.
   Since that day,Sara loves spending time with her new sister.She's the one who teach her to became her old self.She's the one who show her light after hiding herself in darkness.She's like an angel to her reaching for her when needed.Sara's parents had met Maisara when Sara's insisted to introduce them to her new beloved sister.Moreover,Sara had told her parents all her bad attitude before.Her mom cried when she heard it from Sara but later calm down on her own.Sara's dad keep on silent on his chair choosing suitable word.At last, they decide to punish Sara with a house chores for a month.But they also learn something from the incident n resolve not to let it happen again.

p/s:hie..sory for the ending..i took a shortcut so its ending aren't really fun to me.well,I cant stand my eyes any much longer.They are really heavy n might close in a mean time..hehe..besides,my mood had calm down a bit so i cant think of a better ending..