Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fly back 2 Malaysia..wheee~

I dunno why i get this mix feeling when I know bout my brother's return from Egypt..
Well,tell u what?I'm actually feeling bit sad to know his return..Its not cause I hate him or
dont want him here..It just that I think it would be much more boring when he's here..I
actualy felt grateful when I know solehah is going to start schooling(its not like i hate her either)
I just want to b alone sumtimes 4 awhile..u know,since I dont feel anymore chemistry btwin us..
I dont feel the yrge to stay home with her..n I dont why I say this but I think I'm started 2 feel
attracted n much closer wif sumaiyah..Maybe cox we started chatting along n we r staying in
a same room (cox she want to)..Morever,I even invite her 2 saty wif in hosptl..I nvr did that
2 others..I normally would only say 'its ok,I cn stay ALONE'..althought the truth was not lke tht.

My mom called n told me Salman would arrive at 1 pm 2morrow..Dont u feel happy?huh?
Hm,no comen from me thought..I dont even felt no worries when I know bout Egypt mess..
Althought my mom watch al-jazeera almost all the tme waiting for the news,I dont feel lke watching
it..I felt nothing..Maybe my pray is starting to come true..2 have a heart hard s stone so I would nvr
cry again in my life..

I better apologize first if ever my siblings read this blog.I dont intend to write all this..but I just
feel the urge to shout it out of my heart.Its truly a time bomb if I kept in 4 a long tme..I wont
know when I'll b in a truly bad mood,mybe I should turn my image into an emo
gothic..might b cool with all black..hahahah..nah..just thinking..not going to b real anyway ;P