Sunday, February 27, 2011

The memories ??

 Today,Sherlyn and Coral are going to spend time in the wood near the green field.The weather are great with a windy summer breeze.Even Mrs Adelyn agree that they should have a picnic there.Besides that,the wood is like a playground to Sherlyn since she had been there frequently.She would know the best place to have a picnic.
    A basket full of dishes had been packed by Mrs Adelyn that morning with the helped of the two girls. “Well,Well.My work had been much easier with the help of two lovely girl,”said Mrs Adelyn with a gentle kind smile on her face.
    The two girls giggle.Please with the compliment.Jason had been watching quietly from the side.He walk towards them shyly.Once more,Sherlyn let out a small giggle when she see Jason’s shy face.Oh,he’s so cute.
   “Can I follow both of you?”Jason ask.
   “Of course you are going with us.Besides,my mum had asked me to look over you as we spend time here.”replied Coral while her hands busy ticking on the checklist.Her face shone with smile.
    Sherlyn wear her favourite purple dress with a small pink ribbons while Coral dress casually,a light blue shirt and a jeans.Jason wear his brown sleeveless shirt and bought along an old dark blue book.Sherlyn had her eye on the book.She had never seen that book before when they first came.
    The weather are absolutely nice and made Coral sing an old song she had learn at school.Jason hear it silently with interest.That is his first time hearing the song.Moreover,Coral’s voice is melodious and it made the song sounds more beautiful.

p/s:well?what do u think of the stories?is it ok?not sure with the tittle yet..might change after finishing the story.. (>_<)