Saturday, February 12, 2011

Exciting Day

Well,today is certainly my most exciting,fun day ever..I went to Mid wif Sueha n Kheilda today..At first, my dad ask me to bring Slman but cancelled it since he want 2 c his fren at Hira'..I'm totally grateful..urgh,i waited long 2 meet kheilda n sueha at kl sntral..I walk round there n at last spend money on buying a beg..hu2..i got it for rm26 after brgain 4 a long tme..she asked 4 rm30 actually..hehe (learn from mom n pn. rodzimah)

We watch movies first..Hard to decide actually..takes bout 15 minutes 4 a last we watch 'green bee'..oppss!!i meean 'green hornet'..hee~its totattly much fun u know..n seriously unboring..I recommend this to anyone who nvr yet watch it..just,it happen there's a really stupid guy there at first who do's some party,so close ur eye at that part k!!!Anyway,congrat 2 de actor 4 making de people in there looks real..n it gaves out much laughter (still can't 4got)

Besides that,thx to,sueha n k-da had a try on a dress downstairs at metrojaya (he tells us)..n had a photoshoot in fitting fun maa..n thx also to sueha's crazy idea to click pic. while wearing scarf n glasses..hee~we all look so [GLAMOUROUS] I seriously like it...(i'll upload it below)

We eat at KFC (after a long discussion)its so funny how we argue in front of a perfume salesman..gahaha.. don care anyway since he isn't hansome (not good 2 say dat maa~)..we had a nice pic. at kl sntral..thx much 4 an unknown sis who helped take our pic. (#>_<#)sueha!!!my full pic look so TEMBAM!!!huhu..don wan..shiro..andemnida..

What I hate most n would nvr allow myself 2 do it once more is having a sardin pack in a train..urg!!!If I have to overgo with it,I would prefer ladies coc..(Batal wuduk woh)..seriously HATE it!!!U know,we had 2 go on a 2nd train after a long wait 4 the 1st train..its S_ _ k..while waiting the 2nd train,we went 4 a prayer..n its a bit funny actually 2 c k-da n sueha standing by themselves without a, I had to get my body a bit smaller to let k-da near the holder while sueha get near us n she hold me until she finally also get to hold the holder..gihihi..