Monday, February 28, 2011


It was midnight late.I woke up from the same horrifying nightmares.They kept hunting me.There's lot of voices. Its terrifying.each of them kept on saying things I could not possibly understand.What do they want from me? Leave me alone.Please!!
My head was hurt.I pick up the light and walked along the the dark corridor.Everyone were aslept but I dont want to continue my sleep.I dont want to have that dream again.I lifted up the light a bit more so I could see the way although my hands had memorised it.I kept on walking and walking until the end of the corridors.
I stand there for awhile counting myself to turn or stay on the same path.Its too dark that I cant see anything although I'm holding a light but I still cant see a thing.An eerie talktive feeling tried to persuade me.Feel the presence of dark.Go for it.Search for it.Release yourself and search the darkness.It kept on saying words by words.There's again,so many words.I cant stand it.I'm going deaf.Its too noisy.Quiet!Leave me alone!Why were you kept on bothering me?
Both of my hands now were closing my ears.Trying not to hear any of their words.Tears were making their way for freedom.Free from being lock inside a box of tears I had kept behind my eyes.Keeping it safe from others to see.Swallowing the painful heart which hurts badly alone.Resist from taking others help.Building a thick invisible strong wall that no one can see or touch it.
But why?Am I really that coward who doesn't want to take any risk?Owh,Anis..You are such a coward. So sweet,a cute cowardy.Come Anis.Come..Join us..We had been waiting for you.You wont be alone this time.We will all accompany you.Come Anis.Why were you hesitating?Its no use.You cant do anything to us.Cone.Join us. The voice tempting again and again.It kept getting stronger later on that I almost fooled myself to follow the voices.
This time,I desperately clutching the light and turn back to my room.I dont care anymore.The voices were much terrifying darkness I could ever feel.Their voice kept on calling my name.Asking me to join them. Its really confusing.What was this all about?Mommy,daddy..I'm scared.Please,help me.I'm too scared..
As soon I opened the door to my room,I collapsed.It had making me breathing so hard that I felt suffocating. The light was off as soon I had dropped it. There,I am lying unconciously on the floor with both eyes closing tight.A single little tear drop out off my eyes.
It is time for me to die wasn't it?Those voice,they were the voice of the dead and the voice of mine.I had already aware of it but I choose not to believe until the day came.This was my foolish part of self.Egoistic and selfish person who want to keep the barrier straight and strong so none could pass it.After all this,I'm still
Out of the most black darkest shadow in the room,a woman was smiling of joy.Seeing her new victim so helplessly waiting to die.The smiles died down.Another person came out of the shadow greeting the woman looking at her new victim.Without hesitating the woman went her way to Anis wanting to take her soul.Her hands were about to reach and touch Anis heart but she could not.There's still one tiny piece of light in her heart and it was pure too.Her hands felt burning hot.She jump backward suprised.
The man smiled pleasantly.The woman was uncapable of touching the girl heart which always pray to her god.She might be some confuse girl right now but this was the beginning of the journey.The woman stared at the man.A hot blood of angers controlling the woman.She took the man back to their place sending her avengeful spirit to accompany her victim.Taking control of their mind little by little.That was her job as a devil. The man was a grim reaper.He was much more mysterious and hard to predict.No one knows his true nature.