Monday, March 7, 2011

A Week?

Hurm..its been a week i'm staying at hospital.First,i thought of not telling anyone or
post anything bout this but maybe..maybe..i'm starting to feel bored n doing sumthing unusual..
ahaha..insane?neh,i'm still,what i'm talking right now?just some
ridiculous things that in my mind..hurm..I dont really actually talked by my quarantine in hsptal..
hehe..nothing much actually..jux busying myself wif games,chatting n facebook..ahaha
if i'm a bit cheerful,i might even searching for fight?ish3..not a good example =p
neway,i  usually had a happy chitchat wif nurses around here..ahaha..they all hve same
personalities wif me..a bit naughty??hihi..