Thursday, March 24, 2011

wah!!cant wait =)

The doctor told me i might go home tomorrow.."I MIGHT"..but still tht word is the happiest for me..Its totally boring staying here..u know..stuck with machine stuff,the drip,the medicine..urgh..its all in fact for my healthy so i have to be much more patience..well,what could i say..jus be patience a little bit more n insyAllah u'll recovered..(praying for that (=o=) )

Well,yesterday i got my result..Pretty sure that i'm not actually satisfied but still i thanked god for giving me chance 2 get pretty well in my exam although i didn't get a chance to go to school as usual..since my treatment is 2 times a month..Sometimes,i make jokes wif friends that i'm a VVIP so its hard to see me..Ahahaha..just for fun so i wont feel different from the others because of my illness..Besides,i dont like sympathy so appreciate most if they act normal with me rather than treating me as a patient..

Many people send congrats to me for getting 4A in SPM..I'll just accept it with my smiling face..but there's some people that i dont like to share my result..for some reason i dont want to talk bout it any much longer..its useless anyway to talk bout the past..Anyway,yesterday could also said s my lucky day..I saw my name on a magazine n got a free novel for lucky reader..OMG..i never expected it..i truly dont expect it..i just send a little question n it got picked..Now,I'll got presents from my parents n a free novel for me to read n the greatest news was i might going home..

Actually,other than that..I'm also quite happy talking with the friendly nurses here..practising my english n got a new member where i could talked to when bored..New income..(ka-ching $$$)when there's older visitor n presents (>v<) from younger visitor..hehe..i couldn't say i'm unlucky cause i truly did..i am loved by people around me cause 'I AM A SWEET NICE FUN GIRL' ...ahaha (oppss!!people might get jelous..ish3)