Saturday, December 31, 2011


Who says that love is not important?

I say NO to that question! WHY??


Love can blind the eyes and heart of actions.
Often made people when berserk searching for it true meaning,destined one~
Vexing each others on a simple quarrel because of their jealousy..
Entering others heart with difficulty with appreciation of hard work.

Its word is simple "LOVE"..Anyone can say it and even lie using it. Well, tongue easily fool others with the lie word of LOVE but actions tell it all. Its the most dangerous weapon but at the same time the loveliest angel in heart.. Everything change on a simple matter of LOVE.. No one care whether you have pimples all over your face or having a dark skin or even done stupid clumsy things because as long you are cheerish by the person who love you, nothing is matter. (hm..maybe thats why people in LOVE are often said as blind people..kekeke)

Want to know more? Well,here is some other thing about LOVE you need to know...Curious to know about it? Read more....

Have you ever notice you change of attitude or air surrounding you ( doesn't matter what it is as long the changes) You could say that you are longing to see the love one's face, keep on smiling all day long remembering the accidental memories created, having eyes contact secretly without each others notice ( because both keep on thinking the other parties won't notice) Feels like talking but you felt a heavy shyness toward the chosen one but you can keep it cool in front of,that is a critical symptom if you it all as correct..hehehe

Whats more...have you think of without love there would be no peace in this world? (thats include happiness ok!) easy saying is:


Simple right? but there are still some other people (yang berfikiran sempit hanya sebab masalah hidup!) said they don't believe in love (walaupun hati mereka teringinkan LOVE). Sometimes, when I have problems I do think something that stupid but when I open my eyes, my heart once again, I could see the beauty of the world creation. LOVE doesn't mean it only comes from one person.. Think about it! LOVE is everywhere.

  • GOD (as for me, my one and only god is ALLAH)
  • PETS / animals
  • HIM / HER
and many more...I wouldn't finish if I have to list it all.. There is so much love in this world (despite the bad guys).. You just need to stop for a while..Take a deep breath,calm yourself down and THINK! Find any pen and paper to list down the people you are grateful. THINK about what they have done to make you feel happy or when you feel their love reach you. DON'T think you are the only one who is miserable. Take it positive way.. DON'T ever think of yourself as unlucky (cause if you say it often, it might comes true)

There are many things to say about love and much is from experience and fantasies created.. Many opinions, observations and research have been made on this term but none truly acceptable and correct because each LOVE refer to each different situation. many conclusion to made just for the word LOVE..

but one thing for sure~the one who have the key of love can easily open others heart <3

Friday, December 30, 2011

29/12/2011 -memorable day-

Yippee~ ( I'm getting excited all by myself)

feels like today's dream is the best~

I don't know why lately I always receive good news.. (Thats great right?)..Macam-macam good news la kan. Yesterday is the first day or a starter of my 2nd semester. Well, I could say I'm not quite excited going to college after spending only 3 days of break and going apart from my old classmate as soon the class start.. (Urg.. that broke my heart you know TT__TT)

Anyway,thats not the case because at least I still got the chance to meet all of them in Intermediate 2 English class (huhu..although not all of them are joining the class..) Still grateful for not being fully apart from them all.. Today, that class should receive an award for making me happy, blushing, smiling and laughing out hard.. (Maybe i should consider It feels like I'm showing the other side of me which hidden quite well before.. (not all people though I'm crazy or brave enough to do something)
No one would ever satisfied with others so let it be! are right! I'm not getting to the real main point.. (hehe..nanti kantoi la) Hm..whatever it is.. i will give you a few hint of the happiness I receive today :

  • made eyes contact with the person i had a crush on (bkn sekali dua tapi berkali-kali tau!)
  • Got news that I also one of the top highest mark for the last semester (although it actually just two people including me)
  • new target made a move on me..really? Am i not dreaming right now? ( Although I cancelled the plan on hitting new target at last moment but all went good..weird~)
  • The lecturers are noticing me.. ( i laike it veli much)
  • Having the same class with friends that I'm comfortable ^^
what did you say your mood is?

Enough of that list to make me happy all day long (especially the first list..hee)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Smile ;)

This is only a simple post that I want to write..

I'm just too happy getting a result of my sem 1 exam (that of cause I'm not sharing with you).. Well,although I'm feeling a bit insecure with the result and not quite satisfied (hish..Tak baik betul kalau tak bersyukur) I will try to accept it and aim the result I want.

seriusly rase mcm nak melompat menari semua ada(>__<)

Anyway, I want to congratulate to all my friends who manage to get a flying colour on their result ^^

Next time kita target A+ + + pulak ye~

Monday, December 26, 2011

Kisah Dari Jepun : Bestnye Sensei Ada Tuhan! | + discover the beauty of islam

Buat sekalian pengunjung!! jemputlah membaca kerana ada pengajaran yang ingin dikongsi bersama^^
Maju hidup pembaca :P
Kisah Dari Jepun : Bestnye Sensei Ada Tuhan! | + discover the beauty of islam

SNSG ala-ala SUJU ???

Atoyyy....makin lama makin kuat gelak saya di dalam bilik sensorang.. (Nasib baik belum sampai ke tahap mengilai..HAHAhAhAhaaa~) tak tahan betul..Kreatif, lucu, lawak, superkronik..yang penting semua ada la..adoii...Tak tau nak cakap apa tapi memang RUGI la kalau ada yang MALAS nak tekan butang PLAY sebab SLOW LOADING..

Tak pe..Biar lambat asal selamat dilihat..Confirm tak rugi..tak menyesal sebab ianya bole membuatkan anda tersenyum seketika..ecece..A smile that make your perfect face look more extravagant dengan mulut yang tersengih bagai kerang wangi..

Lagu latar or background music memang serupa..sbijik macam super junior sorry-sorry tapi apa yang lucu bila tengok tarian diorang nie..Adehhh....tak mampu den nak ghoyak gapo lagih..huhu TT___TT

Anyway,for some k-pop lovers..tak mau mara-marah yer..hilang terus kecomelan anda nanti (erk!? yeke?) Kita layan jer video nie..Lagipun, kamu semua (kpop lovers) tak perlu risau sebab mereka nie memang tak ada lah sehandal suju or any kpop bands in korea but at least they try their best in doing a video that give us some moral walaupun moralnyer tidak berapa dapat den nak fahami..heheehe

Go kpop sebab korang memang da hebat so don't worry about your competitors yer..hua3

p/s: Semua saya layan..dari kpop,jpop,mpop? and watever la kan..yang penting dia la..hehehe..banyak sangat 'pop' nyer pon..

by natural or by force..hua..hua..hua..

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Lagu pun bole PESONGkan AKIDAh??musykil..

hm..apa yang kamu semua rase bila tengok pic above? Did anything comes in mind?? Apa!? Masih ye...cube tengok kotak purple tue n baca apa yang tertulis kat situ..

"There's no religion that could save me"

Do you think Islam can't save anyone? (hurm..yeah..maybe untuk orang yang hatinye sekeras batu walaupun batu itu tetap boleh dipecahkan) Well..for me..As long as the person really believe in god and learn about it by hikmah (good thing behind the bad thing) there won't be any problem for you to live in the painful reality.

Anyway..thats not the main point I'm writing this..Actually..saya cuma ingin memberi peringatan agar sahabat-sahabat di sana yang SANGAT MENGGEMARI LAGU INGGERIS tetapi TAK MENGETAHUI apa yang dinyanyikan..TOLONGLAH BERHATI-HATI..

I don't say you can't hear english songs it just...urm...macam mana nak cakap yer....errr...(aish..ngado-ngado pulak..gitau je la..) Tolong la perhatikan liriknye dulu..WATCH OUT for the LYRICS..saya tak mau ada yang akan or 'Ter' pesong akidahnya walau secara sengaja or tak sengaja..

Hehehe...tau kenapa saya cakap macam tu? Sebab saya pun lebih kurang sama jer.. 2x5=10..hahaaha.. Terkadag kita manusia tak pernah terlepas dari kesilapan kan..So,sama-sama lah kita memperbaiki diri kita ini.. janganlh kita menjadi manusia yang jahil lagi B_ _ _H sombong (maaf..saya memang tak suke menyebut perkataan yang satu tu..)

By the kepada blog:
Thanks to this blog i just realise the fact I need to be careful although the lyric sound as good pikir la sendiri (sori nabil sebab curi trademark u..huhu TT__TT)
I'm just someone who pass by and happen to heard your trademark
Sign by : (Trademark thief)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Postive (^o^) Vs negative(TT__TT)

(>^<) Anak burung comel memberi salam buat anda semua~

Sebenarnya tak ada apa topik yang menarik pun ingin di tulis sekadar coretan melafazkan apa yang bermain di minda..Persoalan positif dan negatif nie sentiasa bermain di minda sebab positif melambangkan usaha kita untuk terus kekal hidup ceria di muka bumi ini manakala negative pula lebih kepada sikap putus asa kita dalam meneruskan kehidupan..


  • Kita sentiasa cuba untuk tersenyum walaupun sepahit mana kenyataan (sampai dapat gelaran fake smile lagi tuh..)
  • Kita cuba untuk menafikan kenyataan yang memakan diri kita dan sentiasa berkata "Segalanya akan menjadi baik..Tidak ada apa yang perlu dirisaukan.."
  • Walaupun kita menghadapi sesuatu rintangan atau kepayahan (x kira la kena kutuk ke,ngumpat ke or x dapat sesuatu yg diimpikan) kita tetap buat tak peduli dan mencuba segala ikhtiar yang ada walau memakan diri.
  • Kita akan sentiasa cuba memberikan semangat kepada orang lain kerana kita merasakan diri kita akan turut lebih bersemangat kerana tahu ada yang masih memerlukan kita (rasa mcm dihargai)
  • Kita rasa Allah sayang sangat kat kita sebab setiap yang terjadi ada hikmah di sebaliknya dan kita rase dunia ini serba serbi indah dan mencukupi.

Thumbs up la kalau hidup kita rase macam perfect kan..

  • Setiap hari,ada je rungutan kita..Itu tak kenalah..Ini tak kena..Senang kata tak ada apa yang betul..Asyik salah jer.. (Ish..macam mana hidup nak aman kalau macam tu)
  • Dengan mudahnya kita berkecil hati apabila ada orang bercakap perihal kita lepas tu terus jadi anti-teramat dengan orang tersebut. (cakap sikit je dah banjir satu taman padahal da cuba tegur dengan cara baik n then bukan nak berubah)
  • Tidak bersyukur dengan apa jenis pemberian.. (Alahai..kalau tak dapat langsung sedih tapi kalau da dapat banyak pulak songehnyer..)
  • Setiap arahanku mesti dipatuhi kalau tak, tak mau kawan lagi (Masalah betul..hehe)
  • Rasa macam kerdil sangat hidup kat dunia nie..Segala persoalan yang tak sepatutnya dipersoalkan menjadi tanda tanya, "Apalah gunanya aku hidup kat dunia nie..sob..sob..semua tak suka aku..huu"

kesiannya la saya..tak ada orang lain lebih kesian dari saya.. (iyeke?)
Adeh..Dua-dua serba tak kena sebenarnyer. Kita kenalah pandai seimbangkan diri kita agar hidup ini menjadi lebih fun and exciting..ececeh..bak kata orang putih "Life need adventure" (cilok mana ayat ni pun saya x pasti) Anyway,tau kenapa saya kata x bole terlebih positif or too much negativity? Nak tau? jeng jeng jeng..
  • Kalau kita terlalu positif,risau juga kalau andai kata akan trtimbulnya sifat riak,ujub..Apa taknye, asyik terima pujian jer..Tiap-tiap hari makan minum dengan pujian sampai penuh limit gelas pujian pada diri manusia.. (Awas! Dangerous nie)
  • Kalau dah negative sangat, confirm-confirm la kita rasa macam dah tak sanggup nak hidup lagi.. Rasa macam everything is useless..ha! kan dah tak bersyukur tu..ish..ish..cuba la kita berhenti sejenak dan fikirkan orang yang menyayangi diri kita (buat apa nak ambil kisah orang yang x suka kan kita)

Sudah-sudah la..penat saya menaip dengan gembiranya di atas keyboard tapi tak kan saya nak ceritakan semua jawapannya kan..Apa kata anda pula yang cuba bagi idea..hehehe.. (ngade-ngade)
Saya nak terbang ke planet unknown la..honeymoon~wowee^^
(Lari dulu..Adioz)
Don't u think u can run away from me after posting this ridiculous post!

p/s: Maaf la ini bukan untuk ditujukan kepada sesiapa sebab terkadang saya ada juga melakukan perkara yang sama.Segala penulisan adalah berdasarkan pengalaman.. (banyak juga asam garam yang disimpan kat dapur tu untuk dijadikan pengalaman n moral) 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stress away please..

Lately,I'm being a bit sensitive..not sure why..Is it because I'm starting to get tired and my stress kept on haunting me now?Huhuhuhu (TT__TT) Every morning I have to rush to the hospital for my treatment and not making time to revise my study..My exam is just around the corner (Hm..corner mana la pulak nie..) which is 23 and 24 Dec 2011..Urr..must make note for that date..Going to remember it for my whole life..

And today is the second time I'm crying at the college..hate it seriously..First one is because I'm getting this bad news of my stubborn illness (haiyya!asal lu masih tak mau pergi dari badan gue?)..Lucky I only now when its already evening but I miss one class because of it..(shhh..keep it secret..hee)

The second one,I'm just too stress having all the thing at the same time for my brain to accept it. Especially when I'm having my presentation and all my data lost in one night. I just realize it when my friends calling me for help untuk dorang punya assignment..huhu..bad luck I guess untuk hilang semuanya dalam sekelip mata.. Besides that,I'm too tired to revised. Try and look at my schedule :

Morning  - Pengurusan diri
               - Treatment in Subang Jaya which cause me a nausea and a bit dizziness. 
               - Rushing to the class at Gombak before 10 o'clock.

Lunch      - Eating maa..this cannot be abandoned from my schedule except kalau dah makan puas2 untuk  breakfast..hehe
                - Zuhur prayer,time to rest my brain for awhile or I'm getting sleepy in class..

Evening    - Class started from 2.00pm - 3.30pm..hard to revise in that class with so much noise..
                   (agak-agak boleh tak nak minta study kat library jer?)
                - Stay at the library until 4.30 to revise alone
                - Going home..I need to be at the komuter/LRT before 5.00pm or I'm stuck with the people going home from their office..then I need to wait for my mom or dad to picked me up at agreed place.
                - Home around 6.00pm - 7.00pm and I'm already tired at that time. Although I tried not to sleep early but I can't manage it. 

Night        - Already sleep until morning because of tiredness..

For the first few days, I still can manage it but after awhile....It stressing me out. I keep it quiet from my parent because I hate seeing their worried face. i don't want them to give me too much attention and it wouldn't be fair for my siblings (as I thought, salah seorang drpd adik-adikku mesti akan mempertikaikan isu ni)..Well~ its hard for a teenage girl to hold on their problem for a long time so there will be a time when crying is needed to let out the stress..

I'm just a normal human being and created with lots of emotion.I'm not a super-robotic human who need nothing to support their life (hehe..of course robots still need to charge themselves right..hahaha).. Smile is a must to keep me stronger but tears is needed to let out stress..

"There always a time when we want to cry our heart out after a long time of smiling day"
"You don't realize how strong a women really is until you see her at her weakest moment"

However,I'm not keeping this stress for too long.Its bad for health condition. I need to get away from it before I'm getting hurt and leave scars forever. First thing first, how to manage stress:
  • Pray or doa to god..We must calm our spiritual first before physical. You can use the doa above as much as you want.Nak gunakannya sebagai zikir pon boleh..bacalah sebanyak mungkin sampai terasa sedikit tenang. Or else, you can read any surah from Al-Quran..I always read surah Al-Fatihah or ayatul Qursi when I'm feeling sad ='(

  • Its time for a bit of magical touch for physical emotion.. Going out to places that relieve me from any tension.(That would make me smile and happy for entire days) Normally, I would go out for window shopping (or I'm having a real shopping)....or.....I'm watching lots of drama comedy and laugh alone LOUDLY..hehehe...

Its time to laugh yo! now say " HAHAHAHAHA"

  • Do some makeover.. Whether tidying rooms and put a new touch and inspire it with new ideas or you can makeover yourself and look at the mirror the different you..(hee..thats my stuff..)

comel benor muke aku nie yek..
eh?sejak bile minnie makin tinggi nie?

  • keep in touch with friends you feel most comfortable.. Share stories and share same laughter over some ridiculous funny stories..

I lap u..U lap me..^^
  • For some gifted people,they can always use their ability (such as writing,design,crafting..etc..) to spend time on doing stuff they can also say it as a hobby (^__^)y

There are more ways actually but I'm not listing it all. Enough with just things I already done..hehe.. all of my experiment is a success to myself and few other friends but not sure about other unusual special people..Anyway, hope today is a bright new day (>__<)peace no war!

Monday, December 19, 2011


Haip! Haip!
Sejak dua menjak nie,rajin pula saya mengusha satu laman web seorang jejaka nie..hurm.. nak kata hensem ke, kaya ke..tak tau la pulak kan..Apa yang pasti post-post beliau sentiasa menarik hati..haha..oppss..ooppss.. jangan ade yg tersalah faham or tersalah sangka ye..Maksud di sini bukan bermakna saya menyimpan perasaan or apa-apa yang berkaitan..huhu..( jodohku masih jauh maa~)

hensem kan kan..

Amacam? tak percaya ka? Ish..nak skodeng jugak rupanya korang nie..yela-yela..saya tuliskan websitenyer di sini..

Ha! apa lagi klik la berkali-kali yer.. Jom kita mengusha ramai-ramai..tak pa..tak dosa lah kalau kita mengusha depa nie (loghat kedah)..haha
Hah..ape lagi..mai saya tumpangkan anda utk skodeng-menskodeng ye (^^,)peace no war!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

GloOmy PagE?? (TT__TT)

( p/s : Trying acting cool..nehh..its my habit nowadays)

I just finished reading my friends blog and I thought of posting something to my blog.. Ho yeah, I have nothing in mind but...once I opened up my blog, I noticed something different..It felt a bit gloomy..With a deep dark background surrounding a neon purple girl which turn look a bit emo..urgh..its different with my last style. Cheerful, a bit pinky and stuff..

Hm,maybe its because I'm changing the background when I'm feeling a bit moody..T-hee (^^)

Besides that,rase mcm da lme gile tak jadi real self..(That part of being cool sometimes felt annoying)-o- blah..Sebab kan da lame x menulis sndiri, tangan ni da mcm keras,kaku..asyik trsalah tekan je masa menaip. Ade je yg tak kena..Otak nak karang idea pon da makin slow..Adeh..(parah ni)..huhu

Parah teramat yg diibaratkn aiskrim kesayangan jatuh sblm sempat dimakan..

Anyway..apa-apa pun hal yg telah membuatkn page ku mnjadi teramat gloomy akn diubah hari ini juga.. Adeh..Ini cik Sarah Al-Jay punye pasai la..assignmen ku masih belum tersiap tp ku da sibuk men'edit' ku punya blog..Neh..apa-apa la kan..Cool je~ hehe..Toksah tension-tension..Tak ke mana pun kalau tension sangat kan..hahahaha

Masa elok-elok tengah menaip + perah otak yg kering dgn idea tiba-tiba terfikir words yang biasa sangat kita dengar. Orang sains adalah sangat berbeza dengan sastera sbb sains banyak guna otak kanan and sastera including arts and all use left brain. hm..Is it true? neh...I think we can balance it.. otak kan anugerah Allah yang sangat ternilai untuk kita semua. So, why dont we try discover it true potential.. Please la.. Dont keep on saying :

"I'm stupid..Bukan macam awak..Pandai"
"Kita tak pandai sangat la bab (teeeeetttt)...tapi bab (teeettt)  ni kte pandai."

Adoii! (tgn tepuk ke dahi) ammappaa~Itu tak bole..Ini tak bole habis appa yang bole? Aiyoyyo /@#@?/... Think about it.. kan pernah ada kajian yang mengatakan positive charge attach to negative charge  while negative charge is fix at one point..(hehe..sbnrnye ini science from high school tp da agak lupa la..) Maklumat ini pun da cukup untuk membuatkan kita terfikir :

  •  Aura positive akan datang kat kita dan menyelubungi aura positive jika disebut-sebut selalu.. This also  apply to a du'a..(We believe in god so we pray and InsyaAllah he will reply it)

Urr..however,memang tak mustahil kalau ada yang kata words bold above sebab bila kita tak praktikkan kedua-dua otak kita or terlalu banyak menggunakan salah satu otak bole menyebabkan kita sukar untuk seimbangkan antara sains dan sastera.hehe..(need to admit it cause it happen to me) (#^o^#) 

Whatever la kan..Dah melalut banyak sangat dah nie..Huhu..rindu sangat saat ku menaip begitu laju diiringi dengan limpahan idea yang mencurah-curah ke ladang blogger.. //(>x<)// banzai!!

hehhe..sila datang lagi..yosh! yosh!
( i like it when it comes to manners)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

My sweet OutinG

That day was a fun day.. I went out with friend from my old college.
There was nothing much to do..We just walk and talk about the past and
present. Its hard to tell my feeling that day..However, I could only describe it as satisfying and happy moment.
We went around SOGO and the place near it..Its funny looking at our difference in style. She's wearing a baju kurung and me wearing a trendy blouse like modern people always do. It felt a bit weird but I like it.. It show us have our own opinion.
Well,we bought a same teddy bear for each others. She name hers with my name and vice versa. Its tiring but I'm too happy to say it aloud. At least I could spend time with her while my family is spending their time in Kenyir resort T-T..
Besides that,we created our own memorable memories in SOGO..How could we still met a guy who had been in a same college as me before? a bit spoiling my mood searching for bags because of us hiding from his surveillance.And why did he must walk in front of us and smile..thats ridiculous..He should at least just ignore us and act like unknown people..
Duh..whatever..its none of my business..At leaast I wont meet him again..t-hee..poor my friend..She's the one who need to face him again..(I hope he doesn't even remember me since my style is over the usual)

Anyway,I'm too happy receiving my teddy^^ (although I said I dont like it ;p)

hee~I dont snap a pic of my teddy yet ;p