Sunday, December 11, 2011

My sweet OutinG

That day was a fun day.. I went out with friend from my old college.
There was nothing much to do..We just walk and talk about the past and
present. Its hard to tell my feeling that day..However, I could only describe it as satisfying and happy moment.
We went around SOGO and the place near it..Its funny looking at our difference in style. She's wearing a baju kurung and me wearing a trendy blouse like modern people always do. It felt a bit weird but I like it.. It show us have our own opinion.
Well,we bought a same teddy bear for each others. She name hers with my name and vice versa. Its tiring but I'm too happy to say it aloud. At least I could spend time with her while my family is spending their time in Kenyir resort T-T..
Besides that,we created our own memorable memories in SOGO..How could we still met a guy who had been in a same college as me before? a bit spoiling my mood searching for bags because of us hiding from his surveillance.And why did he must walk in front of us and smile..thats ridiculous..He should at least just ignore us and act like unknown people..
Duh..whatever..its none of my business..At leaast I wont meet him again..t-hee..poor my friend..She's the one who need to face him again..(I hope he doesn't even remember me since my style is over the usual)

Anyway,I'm too happy receiving my teddy^^ (although I said I dont like it ;p)

hee~I dont snap a pic of my teddy yet ;p