Friday, December 30, 2011

29/12/2011 -memorable day-

Yippee~ ( I'm getting excited all by myself)

feels like today's dream is the best~

I don't know why lately I always receive good news.. (Thats great right?)..Macam-macam good news la kan. Yesterday is the first day or a starter of my 2nd semester. Well, I could say I'm not quite excited going to college after spending only 3 days of break and going apart from my old classmate as soon the class start.. (Urg.. that broke my heart you know TT__TT)

Anyway,thats not the case because at least I still got the chance to meet all of them in Intermediate 2 English class (huhu..although not all of them are joining the class..) Still grateful for not being fully apart from them all.. Today, that class should receive an award for making me happy, blushing, smiling and laughing out hard.. (Maybe i should consider It feels like I'm showing the other side of me which hidden quite well before.. (not all people though I'm crazy or brave enough to do something)
No one would ever satisfied with others so let it be! are right! I'm not getting to the real main point.. (hehe..nanti kantoi la) Hm..whatever it is.. i will give you a few hint of the happiness I receive today :

  • made eyes contact with the person i had a crush on (bkn sekali dua tapi berkali-kali tau!)
  • Got news that I also one of the top highest mark for the last semester (although it actually just two people including me)
  • new target made a move on me..really? Am i not dreaming right now? ( Although I cancelled the plan on hitting new target at last moment but all went good..weird~)
  • The lecturers are noticing me.. ( i laike it veli much)
  • Having the same class with friends that I'm comfortable ^^
what did you say your mood is?

Enough of that list to make me happy all day long (especially the first list..hee)