Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stress away please..

Lately,I'm being a bit sensitive..not sure why..Is it because I'm starting to get tired and my stress kept on haunting me now?Huhuhuhu (TT__TT) Every morning I have to rush to the hospital for my treatment and not making time to revise my study..My exam is just around the corner (Hm..corner mana la pulak nie..) which is 23 and 24 Dec 2011..Urr..must make note for that date..Going to remember it for my whole life..

And today is the second time I'm crying at the college..hate it seriously..First one is because I'm getting this bad news of my stubborn illness (haiyya!asal lu masih tak mau pergi dari badan gue?)..Lucky I only now when its already evening but I miss one class because of it..(shhh..keep it secret..hee)

The second one,I'm just too stress having all the thing at the same time for my brain to accept it. Especially when I'm having my presentation and all my data lost in one night. I just realize it when my friends calling me for help untuk dorang punya assignment..huhu..bad luck I guess untuk hilang semuanya dalam sekelip mata.. Besides that,I'm too tired to revised. Try and look at my schedule :

Morning  - Pengurusan diri
               - Treatment in Subang Jaya which cause me a nausea and a bit dizziness. 
               - Rushing to the class at Gombak before 10 o'clock.

Lunch      - Eating maa..this cannot be abandoned from my schedule except kalau dah makan puas2 untuk  breakfast..hehe
                - Zuhur prayer,time to rest my brain for awhile or I'm getting sleepy in class..

Evening    - Class started from 2.00pm - 3.30pm..hard to revise in that class with so much noise..
                   (agak-agak boleh tak nak minta study kat library jer?)
                - Stay at the library until 4.30 to revise alone
                - Going home..I need to be at the komuter/LRT before 5.00pm or I'm stuck with the people going home from their office..then I need to wait for my mom or dad to picked me up at agreed place.
                - Home around 6.00pm - 7.00pm and I'm already tired at that time. Although I tried not to sleep early but I can't manage it. 

Night        - Already sleep until morning because of tiredness..

For the first few days, I still can manage it but after awhile....It stressing me out. I keep it quiet from my parent because I hate seeing their worried face. i don't want them to give me too much attention and it wouldn't be fair for my siblings (as I thought, salah seorang drpd adik-adikku mesti akan mempertikaikan isu ni)..Well~ its hard for a teenage girl to hold on their problem for a long time so there will be a time when crying is needed to let out the stress..

I'm just a normal human being and created with lots of emotion.I'm not a super-robotic human who need nothing to support their life (hehe..of course robots still need to charge themselves right..hahaha).. Smile is a must to keep me stronger but tears is needed to let out stress..

"There always a time when we want to cry our heart out after a long time of smiling day"
"You don't realize how strong a women really is until you see her at her weakest moment"

However,I'm not keeping this stress for too long.Its bad for health condition. I need to get away from it before I'm getting hurt and leave scars forever. First thing first, how to manage stress:
  • Pray or doa to god..We must calm our spiritual first before physical. You can use the doa above as much as you want.Nak gunakannya sebagai zikir pon boleh..bacalah sebanyak mungkin sampai terasa sedikit tenang. Or else, you can read any surah from Al-Quran..I always read surah Al-Fatihah or ayatul Qursi when I'm feeling sad ='(

  • Its time for a bit of magical touch for physical emotion.. Going out to places that relieve me from any tension.(That would make me smile and happy for entire days) Normally, I would go out for window shopping (or I'm having a real shopping)....or.....I'm watching lots of drama comedy and laugh alone LOUDLY..hehehe...

Its time to laugh yo! now say " HAHAHAHAHA"

  • Do some makeover.. Whether tidying rooms and put a new touch and inspire it with new ideas or you can makeover yourself and look at the mirror the different you..(hee..thats my stuff..)

comel benor muke aku nie yek..
eh?sejak bile minnie makin tinggi nie?

  • keep in touch with friends you feel most comfortable.. Share stories and share same laughter over some ridiculous funny stories..

I lap u..U lap me..^^
  • For some gifted people,they can always use their ability (such as writing,design,crafting..etc..) to spend time on doing stuff they can also say it as a hobby (^__^)y

There are more ways actually but I'm not listing it all. Enough with just things I already done..hehe.. all of my experiment is a success to myself and few other friends but not sure about other unusual special people..Anyway, hope today is a bright new day (>__<)peace no war!