Saturday, December 31, 2011


Who says that love is not important?

I say NO to that question! WHY??


Love can blind the eyes and heart of actions.
Often made people when berserk searching for it true meaning,destined one~
Vexing each others on a simple quarrel because of their jealousy..
Entering others heart with difficulty with appreciation of hard work.

Its word is simple "LOVE"..Anyone can say it and even lie using it. Well, tongue easily fool others with the lie word of LOVE but actions tell it all. Its the most dangerous weapon but at the same time the loveliest angel in heart.. Everything change on a simple matter of LOVE.. No one care whether you have pimples all over your face or having a dark skin or even done stupid clumsy things because as long you are cheerish by the person who love you, nothing is matter. (hm..maybe thats why people in LOVE are often said as blind people..kekeke)

Want to know more? Well,here is some other thing about LOVE you need to know...Curious to know about it? Read more....

Have you ever notice you change of attitude or air surrounding you ( doesn't matter what it is as long the changes) You could say that you are longing to see the love one's face, keep on smiling all day long remembering the accidental memories created, having eyes contact secretly without each others notice ( because both keep on thinking the other parties won't notice) Feels like talking but you felt a heavy shyness toward the chosen one but you can keep it cool in front of,that is a critical symptom if you it all as correct..hehehe

Whats more...have you think of without love there would be no peace in this world? (thats include happiness ok!) easy saying is:


Simple right? but there are still some other people (yang berfikiran sempit hanya sebab masalah hidup!) said they don't believe in love (walaupun hati mereka teringinkan LOVE). Sometimes, when I have problems I do think something that stupid but when I open my eyes, my heart once again, I could see the beauty of the world creation. LOVE doesn't mean it only comes from one person.. Think about it! LOVE is everywhere.

  • GOD (as for me, my one and only god is ALLAH)
  • PETS / animals
  • HIM / HER
and many more...I wouldn't finish if I have to list it all.. There is so much love in this world (despite the bad guys).. You just need to stop for a while..Take a deep breath,calm yourself down and THINK! Find any pen and paper to list down the people you are grateful. THINK about what they have done to make you feel happy or when you feel their love reach you. DON'T think you are the only one who is miserable. Take it positive way.. DON'T ever think of yourself as unlucky (cause if you say it often, it might comes true)

There are many things to say about love and much is from experience and fantasies created.. Many opinions, observations and research have been made on this term but none truly acceptable and correct because each LOVE refer to each different situation. many conclusion to made just for the word LOVE..

but one thing for sure~the one who have the key of love can easily open others heart <3