Monday, November 28, 2011

Random stuff in mind

Its been a long time since my last post..
Well,I don't have much in mind to write about..
Last week,I went to Book Sale in Serdang with friend.
OMG, I bought too many books. Huhu.. I can't stand to see all
those cheap book at sale. It price a lot in normal shop.
Yeah, I spend RM52 on those books and that excluding the fare
on going to Serdang.

Anyway, I had been out for two days in a row to shopping complex.
It getting me tired on the night of second day. I got my sore throat and flu.
Besides that, I need to follow my cousin to her uncle's second wedding..
Hell no! I don't want to go after persuading my mom on letting me off from
going to my own cousin's wedding but however, I still followed..huh..

Everything is fine except I feel quite alienated and my sickness is getting over me.
(Urgh..hate that feeling) Fine, it doesn't really matter if I feel alienated because
I somehow manage to handle it but my flu is getting worse and I got a fever.
That spoiled my vacation mood. At least I can still ask my cousin to take me
anywhere and have some fun to ourselves but that won't do since I'm sick.
No mood on doing crazy stuff would only ruin it.

Hurmh..and thats the reason I went back to my hostel early than I planned.
I know things that I shouldn't say it here..It just part of my psychological and
human behavior observation. Sometimes, I know what I shouldn't have do and
its for the sake of the people I care. (Nah..ignore what i'm saying here.bla..bla..)

The story is long but its tiring to write it down..So, I will finish it now and back to sleep
still have class tomorrow morning at 10 am.