Monday, February 21, 2011

Interest I think..

ahaha..i had a fun tired day
i woke early today n went to mosque wif family..s usual..
we had a breakfast at putra new fav. place to eat
when it comes to tosai..hee~the scene there were beautiful..
cant get my eyes off it n a thought of taking photos there came in..
lol..maybe i'm interested in taking photos??
ahaha..i dont know myself..
Later on,we followed our mom to the nearest market..
hee~thats how i got my own mulberry tree..
really like it..cause its a berry..
(started liking berries since form1..had been push to eat it ;p)
funny lol how my lil' bro protest when he doesn't get his
own tree..ahaha..he sat at the corner wif gloomy
at last,my mom bought it for dad had taken interest
in lemon tree n bought it too..
ngee~back home,i could still playing badminton wif my
lil bro..ahaha..funny play though..well,i had a rest for 5 minutes
n started my new project..'Taking Care of Mulberry'..ahaha
i put my tree in a pot n helped my bro placed his into ground..
well,thats not enough activities for me..i cooked a squid..
my new recipe's though..(my habit to used anything i could see)
happy that my family like it..(maybe i could be a chef?)
i had a late bath that day..huhu
then,a though of making my own photoshoot came again..
(it had been few tmes actually but i denied it many times)
ahaha..what a making me more tired than before..
so, i had a good rest sleep..n managed myself to on9
around 8pm n above..but not going 2 sleep late again..hee~

msg to lily:
lily,,i followed a bit like Dara's magazine by putting accessories at my tudung..hihi
want to show u n encourage u doing it the same..huhu..realy want to stay overnite
at ur house n photoshoot like crazy..ngee~