Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I just had a fun holiday last week..
Ok..its fun but not with a 'WOW'..hehe
My mood ruin the thing..Man..I need to control that..
Lucky I'm still single..(Cant imagine my boyfriend handling my temper)
Anyway,I at last finished reading the novel ( mencari suami ) at
Pulau Langkawi..
Yeah..I dont had enough time reading it so I had to continue reading
it until 3 in the morning..huhu..
It took me 2 weeks to just finish that one book..
I'm not even finish another book I had bought..
But you know..Whenever I read that book, I would had a long
smile alone and sometimes can't help being dreamy..
Well,the story is a bit foolish but captivating..
I cant help calling the book 'Sengih Book'..
I would called that name when asking the book from my sister
who also enjoyed it..
Hahaha...Macam berjangkit tau perkataan 'sengih' tue..
When I said "where is my sengih book?"
My sister would also smile showing her teeth..
turut tersengih mendengar panggilan buku tue..hahaha
Its funny you know when you see it..
Anyway,I'm posting few pictures at Kelantan :

This is my father's fish pond
Cute ^^

Hee^^ I'm just being a model with my little brother on our last day at Kelantan

This is taken when we had families activity at the beach
(They look enjoyable right?)

This is what we called teamwork..
(Yeah..Girls Rule! )