Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Today could be said as a fine day for me.. I had a bowling competition today under PIBG Hira' for My lil brother's school.. I had to be a
replacement for my dad who went to Kelantan,preparing our stay for this coming school holiday.. (We are going for a family day with all the cousins there..)

At first,I dont feel like going since I'm not as a religious girl as before..
Thats the effect taken after I went to a normal high school but AlhamdulillahI could still keep my good attitude (it only affect my style)..Well,it also because I hate the alienated feeling blending with muallim,muallimah ..ustazah..hee,I think this happened because of a little dissappoinment I had when I had to leave Hira'..I lovethat school very much..
lil bowler
Enough of that story..It happen I could adapt myself with the peoplesurrounding that day..We played happily without a thought of winning..Some would only aim for the jackpot prize..Ahaha..We dont really caremuch about that n I dont put any hope in winning since all of us still an amateur..Moreover,it happened that my ex-classmate from standard 5 also when to the tournament..We talked a lot and exchanged news..I could not possibly say how happy I am to meet her..its been 6 years since we last met..
Besides that,I'm also attached to Muallimah Adibah who's played in ourgroup.In a minute,we had been quite friendly to each other.
Once the gamestart,we helped n encouraged our team to play happily.
It make me happyto know she also like archery sport..She told
me there's an archery trainingclub in Section 13..How glad I am
to heard that..(I'm going there soon..hee)After we fnished our game,
we had a lunch of nasi tomato..OMG..I like
ayam masak merah..Its super duper delicious..ahaha..Like KFC's
advertisement "Sedap hingga menjilat jari"..ahaha..fine..I'm not sure its
KFC or McD..I don care actually cause I'm never a fan of that fast food..
Time for the winner announcement..Dup Dap..Dup Dap..I wait..
Suddenly, ROSEMARY..ROSEMARY..(I stop thinking..which Rosemary?
Is it me?cause I know there's another Rosemary there..)then..
Rosemary from Mohd Azam's team..OMG..It really is me..Seriously..
besfren 4eva
I won 2nd place in female student individual?

Ahaha..I cant really believe
it cause I thought I had played badly..The first place goes to my ownbesfriend(ex-classmate).. AFIQAH..ahaha..Its excited me..we won it together with slightest point difference..Hee..I'm going to snap few pictures with her..
In a lucky draw,my mom got a toaster..Ahaha..Luckily,my siblings love
toasted bread..Yummy~
Hee,once home..Everyone search for a comfortable place to sleep n had a nice rest..(Of course after prayer)

(hihi..I met Afiqah,Israq n Zakwan at the tournament..-myexclassmate-)

Show off (^_^)

proud of our prizes..hee

the MC's present

3 of my team..