Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Guitar PlayEr ??

ahaha..I dont know why I felt like writing about this guitar player today..
Well,I'm not really familiar with him actually..I just found out about him
today..hehe..(Seriously,am not a gossip girl..haha..x lyk pon)

Ok..I'm trying to get serious on writing this..(what the hell am talking bout??)
Hee..(hands up) I cant write in serious mood (felt like laughing..hahaha)..
Anyway..back to the topic..............................GuiTar PlaYer...........
Have you heard of Sungha Jung ? Well,today is my first time hearing
that name n congrat to those who already know him..hehe
Actually,I accidentally found his twitter..My curiousity made me do some
research about him..Found it !! He has a website ( www.sunghajung.com/23604  )
p/s : You can read more about him there..

Hehe..What I'm trying to say is..I'm interested in him.. ( WoAAA !! )
You see,the reason why I like kpop is because they are cute,beautiful
n handsome + their catchy dance (opps!..hehe)..but its different with
this kid name Sungha..I almost reject him the first time I read his
profile (he's younger than me)..but then,I felt like watching his
videos in youtube..The first song I heard was Marco's Attic
composed by Sungha Jung (himself)..
That was the first word out from my own mouth..He's quite cool n the
song was nice ( Thumbs up boy )..Besides that,he just the age of my
brother,15..Em..Frankly,he could also be in a smart-looking category..
(well,thats my thought since I like small eyed boy..wuahaha)
What ever it is..Listen to the song first n comment it yourself..
[dont dare to take interest for him k!! hehe..fine for supporter only]