Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Little Prince Film 2007

It's been awhile that I post something here.
Life had been bit busy and hectic.
With practicals thingy, sewing classes and now, I'm
furthering studies here in Uniten.
(A lil sigh on that since I truly want to further at Curtin Australia)

Well, forget about that for now.
I just want to make a simple review on this movie.

"Little Prince"

A story of a heart-broken father and a sick boy who's fate happen
to twist between them. A heart-touching story I could say.
The story is a little bit slow moving but that's what it's about
since it's a sad genre with the boy having his life despite the ill
and a heart-broken father learn something from life through
the child.

Oh Well, I don't want to spoil the story much because then it would be
meaningless for you to watch it isn't it? Here, I give you the chance to
watch it yourself.

Psss: Someone with blue personality might need an extra tissues since
they tend to be more sensitive. They understand it quickly and as for me,
I had past experience and add up with my blue personality, the story
truly get deep into my heart. And yeah, I should have prepare more
tissues with me..hehe