Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Prince hOrsEy~

This single picture means a lot to me.. Would you like me to introduce you to this handsome tough creature? Well, its name is Prince. Yes, of course its a male. Doesn't his name already told you the gender? hehe.. What?You also want to know where he live? Haiyaya..Please don't take a liken to my little prince ok!

Name : Mr. Prince
Gender : Male
Age : Unknown
Place : Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Phone number : Unknown
Favourite : Run loose on the open space.

Is the detail enough for you? Huh? Still not enough..I guess you would say that but I would leave no comment on that because one thing for sure now is I miss Mr. Prince a lot. It has been awhile from my last visit to meet Prince.. How is he doing now? geez..I really hope I could travel from place to place like Doraemon..When will I see him again?