Sunday, July 4, 2010

Yuna n Me~

Assalamualaikum n nite everyone~
Last Saturday,my mom had an amal karnival at her school(SMK USJ4)
Its kinda blast but also scarred me with students wearing mini skirt showing sexy clothes that
they think looks beautiful or pretty..I do felt like regret going there..Lucky me,my mom
still doing her job n i have opportunity to met Yuna..I'm not eager actually to met her because I am not a fan of her..

However,when I want to take pic wif her..i kinda felt shy..i dont know myself why it happened
that way..Well,when i am next to her,she does look pretty although her make up is a
bit thick..She's tall too..That's my fav..Taller people..She came surrounded wif guard
n carrying her guitar..Too bad,i dont see her perfomance cause they do it in closed up place..
Its find,cause i'm tired myself..Being there almost a day..Anyway, I might change my mind to like Yuna a bit.

Taking pic. wif Yuna
She signing my book

After meeting her, I still have to wait for my mom who's counting her class selling money..
Hurm,its seriously boring but worth it..After a few waiting,our lucky number(1899) are called..
There, i have to tahe a mysterious number..Wowee~what a big suprised!!My hands are
sure is lucky..I picked 59 n thats the biggest hamper..Whats more,there's gonna be eating
party la tonight..ha2..

What Best Bout Today :
1) Meeting Yuna,talking with her,pictures n her sign..(never done this b4 because I kinda not like it)

2) Lucky Draw-1899-Never thought i would be this lucky..

3) Sudden meeting..Ha2..never thought i would met mior ( although i thought of found him first but
its reversing fate..He found me)He told me that i'm a bit thin?OMG..thats not good..Hee~