Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'd seen kakak mati??

Salam n good day to my readers..

Its been a long time I’m not posting anything. I’m a bit busy and lazy to write anything here..Actually, my first week of holidays had been spend by staying at my grandma’s house in Perlis.Its kinda fun too.Besides, I met frog that died horrifyingly with its neck break from its body.Seriously,I can’t stand to watch it.Its so disgusting.I told that story too my sister and one of my cousin who’s the same age wif my sister,13,heard it not far from the place I sit.She question me wif weird question.I can’t answer her.A day after that (breakfast time),my aunt called me and asked is it right that I’d seen a woman died horrifyingly?I kind of surprised hearing that.I said no but I do seen frog died horrifyingly. She then called my cousin to explain what she heard.Its all became clear when she actually heard me saying “ Tadi kita trjumpa kakak mati,kepala dia terputus n urat dia terkeluar” which actualy katak = kakak..We all laugh heartily when we heard it.She had convince almost all people in Chemu’mar n her parents.It became serious topic all of sudden n end with just her hearing problem..Hu2 I seriously kinda scared when my aunt asked me seriously..

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this is not the real picture because i didnt dare to take the real one..urghh..