Friday, July 2, 2010

Architect Wannabe!?

House Model

Nana(Fitrah) n Kheilda another member of our group..
Our judges : Jamesdeanjawa,miss julie n our recycling teacher

Tertarik dgn tingkat 2??

1st floor..ok x??
master bedroom 2nd floor
This is our house model but only me n yanie there..others late

Have a sweet smile today~
I’m a bit excited when I write this..I think my group have a reallyx2 big chance to win house model competition.
Our concept is bungalow house.Actually I do dream we could live in that big house wif 4 of us because it is our own design.On the perfomance day,I enjoy explaining our house.Our house is the biggest in the competition n could be said the most complete n beautiful house. Many said that it do look like a real house n other competitors lost their confidence looking at our house model.Hiii..i do feel kind of proud seeing the situation n the judges look kind of interested with our model. Seriously, I do put a high hope of winning this conmpetition.I might feel down if we don’t get first place but i’ll try to be grateful for watever the result is. Sory if u can’t see my model clearly cause its kind of big.Its scalar : 120.Part of the house that I like most is kitchen cause I’m the one who’s design it..about the other part, its not fully my idea because they had done some of it.Hu2..too bad..i do want to do all the interior but its fine cause I still manage to add on to make it more beautiful.. Hope u can see it at SMK18.