Sunday, January 30, 2011

StOrm Of HEarT

   Sara is just a girl of age 13.She's on the ages of what people might call teenage rebellion's time.Most of the teenage will go throught with that situation.Sara is quite a silent girl.She did'nt talk much like most of her friends.Evenmore,she's much more quieter at home rather than at school.All her thought are kept closely in her heart.She locked it with thousand lock so no one could open it.She does not want anyone to read her mind.It useless anyway to tell others what was her thinking.What she hate the most is being criticized by others or rejected.Without her knowing,most of her friends are back-stabbing her.They talk bad about her.
'She's boring,lame,pretender..'and many more.The only reason they are hiding their true face is because they also hate being talked by others and they could take advantage on Sara's kindness.
   One day,while walking to the school gate's waiting for her mom to picked her home she heard Fira's talking with her classmates at the lab.They are sitting around a corner almost unseen by others who might passed there.Well, it happened that Sara always need to walk pass the lab before she reached her destination. Normally,she would not stop to hear others talking but that day her interest are taking up.She heard her name. Thay are talking bout me,Sara's thought.Whatever could they be saying?She thought more and more and at last could not resist to take a sneak peak at what they are talking.
   She doesn't wait long to heard more.She just could not take it anymore.She left that place controlling her emotion.She does not want to bee seen crying.It would cause a ruckus if she did that.Everyone would come running to her asking why,what and who.Besides,its not her way to make things even more complicated.She waited patiently at the front gate far from gathered people.She felt really small and even more helpless after hearing their bad talk.At last,her mom came.She hop into the car and act nothing happened.On her way home,her thought kept spinning around her mind.She doesn't want to give trust anymore.Love is just a fake talking of lie faith.Kindness is the enemy of heart.She kept thinking it again and again.
  She run to her room as soon as she arrive.The door is lock.There,she keep crying and crying all her heart out.She tightly hug a huge garfield doll.She reached her headphones on the table and put it on.She increase the volume until she heard nothing other than the songs played.Her mom's knocked hard on her door but she could not hear it now.She pushed her limit to hear loud song althought she knows it effect.At last,her mom give up trying to talk with Sara.That night,Sara decided to ignore all things around her.She won't admit her defeat yet.She would somehow get her revenge.