Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Asia GirL ;)

Ok.I'm still not done thinking bout my future.I felt like i'm in a mist n lost in it.I want to further studies in Korea but i know my english are good.Still,i can't think of another country except china,hongkong n Japan.Its all in Asia.Maybe because i did'nt actually have heart with other places other than Asia.I really love asia since i'm one of it.My hearts have fallen in love with Asia.There's more reason to like it than hate it.The people,the culture,the food,the scenery n its lying if i dont include the guys as one of its atrraction ;p nee~
I'm not ashamed being Asian.In fact,I was grateful to be one.I may not seem like a patriotic person since i'm writing it all in English but it just that i stil need a language that can be use universallly..hee~n i don't mind using broken english in here because its only my 2nd language..
Well,I made a bit search using todays technologies (internets) to find interesting places around Asia.First country i'll introduce is Malaysia since i'm its citizen.

  • Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur is the most famous place of Malaysia the Kuala Lumpur.Its famous for ‘Asian tiger’.A tourist should know bout Kuala Lumpur especially its Petronas Twin Tower which provides place to eat,shopping,wonders,sight-seeing n games.I even met a person who's chatting with me n ask bout this place.
  • Singapore
Alkaff Bridge (Singapore’s ArtBridge) is a pedestrian bridge in Singapore.It spans the Singapore River at Robertson Quay, located in the Singapore River planning area within the Central Area, Singapore’s Central Business District.The steel truss bridge is 55 metres in length and weighs about 230 tonnes. It is shaped like a tongkang (a light boat used commonly in the early days to carry goods along rivers), and is situated near the former Alkaff Quay.
  • Indonesia
Borobudur or Borobudur Temple , located near Magelang , Indonesia is a 9th-century Mahayana Buddhist monument. A main dome, located at the center of the top platform, is surrounded by 72 Buddha statues seated inside perforated stupa.
  • China
The Forbidden City of China is exactly what it is seems, forbidden and secluded from the world for a large period in history. But it opened up in the last century for visitors and historians revealing some amazing facts and well-kept secrets of Chinese royalty. Modern day pollution and the exploding population of China are taking a toll on this majestic royal palace.
  • Japan
Kinkaku-ji, Kyoto. It is best known as the Golden Pavilion and it said to be Japan’s most visited site and its beauty, accented by surrounding pine trees and ponds, is remarkable.Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is however only one of many historic and cultural sites in Kyoto, Japan’s cultural capital
  • Korea
Amusement parks: Amusement parks may sound out of place for Korea, but surprisingly Korea has lots of them and they are super exciting. Two main ones are Lotte World in Seoul and Everland just south of Seoul. Everland is the biggest theme park in Korea. Its size and extensive entertainment scale rival Disneyland. Lotte World hosts both outdoor and indoor theme parks and has many up-to-date rides that will make your tummy turn.

That's it for now.I'll tell bout six other asia country in the next post..