Saturday, January 1, 2011


This day,I heard lots of kidnapped stories..One of the victims are my neighbour..I'm surprised to get the news today by my mom..She said that it had been a few days.The one who get kidnaped is the husband.They asked 4 RM50,000 cash.Their friends helped to collect the money asked.They give it to the kidnappers n that guy got released but they are still thinking bout reporting to the police.At first,I also thought why did'nt they just reported it tho the police but my mom told me they had many people watching the victims.Even the guy's friends got scared when they go to send the money..I asked how did it first happened?How did he get kidnapped?Well,they were on their way for a holiday in their village but they did'nt realise that they had been followed.Later on,when the guys when to a bank,a man wearing police uniforms asked him to follow into the car.My neighbours could say no since the con police showed him his ID.Of course no one would expect it just a trapped.He then are tied and his eye are closed with cloth.All his things had been given away to save his life even his bank number and all important password.From what i heard,the crimes are done by malays n chinese.They are numerous n worked diligently.They cooperated well.
Its pretty scary too think of what might happened if we do met with the same situation.What would you do if a policeman came to u n asked u to follow him?Could u give trust?U might get scared when u think of reality that happened nowadays.Nowadays,people are brave enough to commit crimes.They even followed the minister principle of 'one malaysia'.What a loyal citizens they are.They should cooperated together to get Malaysia's into top one in industry not letting Malaysia's crime record increase n give out bad reputation..Aiyayai!!