Saturday, January 29, 2011

Family Day TNB

I don't know whether i should say today is my best day,moody day or
unlucky day..All i know is,I hardly get enough sleep last night which of course
i also could not explain happened a lot lately..This had been one of my bad
mood sources..I am terribly moody today..Hardly smile thought..Tried but its hard..
Besides that,i dont even feel like talking to anyone..I played songs until i felt deaf from
hearing any words others talking..What's more,my tears kept running all day long..
Starting to feel bit stress and I wont tell why here..Damn it,too sensitive today..Even now..

Since today is a TNB Family Day,I had to control my emotion.Happily success >_<
First coming, I'm stil wif my headphone while reading sumthing to distract my
attention.Later on,I decide on joing aerobic althought i did'nt actually move my hand
since i wrapped it with plastic n cellotape..To tell u the truth,i kinda enjoy it..maybe
because i really2 love dancing/moving my body dance to the music..ahahaha
I played lots of game too but i truly thought today wasnt my lucky day n maybe
because i started my day with my bad mood..I even made Syamil cried after fight with
him..Normally i could'nt control guilt if i done it but not for today..Bad girl huh!!I dont CARE!!
Well,i won two prize for todays even..i got into top5 in musical chair..urgh!!still could remember the tense..
'aku dilanyak-lanyak sume yg bdn lbih bsr dr aku'..O my,i felt crying for help..i'm the only 'miss' who got
into top5(proud)..
When the tense are heating up,i'm started to feel stomach ache n back ache(happen only when i'm too
scared,my dad said its tension)..I felt blue dat time..what's funny is..there's one girl behind me,she lost
bcause leka talking with one of her 'boy' truly want to laught it loud..but the boy took my
interest since he's way too CERIA althought i say i hate him..his my enemy..he2..n he's unusual too..
he played lots prank,noisy n lov kids.. naah..stop talking bout him..i'm not going to fool myself
with that ridiculous love talking..Another prize is for gorilla walking games..i'm not quite happy actually
cox we lost to 3rd place..i tried it n its not too hard but most of them r way too much controlly their
'ayu'..urgh!!say no more bout it..i may keep on quiet but my heart r full of storm..