Sunday, January 2, 2011

LauGht Out LouD!!!!

Waaarggg!!!!I felt really relieved today..I felt like all my tension are out while I LAUGHT it LOUD
I played badminton this evening.Uwaa~its such fun.I stop playing it for awhile since having SPM n followed by my treatment..It take awhile to decide playing it again..Well,I manage to push myself playing it today.I laught really loud today s thought i never had one b4..but thats true.Its been long i didn't laught out loud like that..It makes me remember one of motivations word i read in internets n books "Laught could make us healthier" I could agree on that.Seriously,once i know bout my disease i'm started to feel weak bcause i had 2 go throught that treatment hell again.I almost cried in that doctor's room.Lucky to control my tears dat time..Well,later on i started to think bout others being having same fate as me.They are tough.Why should i be weak??I likes to read health articles nowadays n some motivation words..I still remember a story i read bout a guy who had a disease.The doctors approve that he is going to die n no cure 4 his illness.Later on,he collects funny vid n watch it alone all the time.After awhile,he went to the appoinment n the doctor was suprise to find he is getting healthier..I dont know whether its true or not but it makes me stronger whenever i think bout it.n from my experience,the fact is true.U c,people who's always in stress r tend to get sick easily than the one who's happy.My disease always worse when i'm in bad mood or stress.Thats why i alwys do things that give out happiness..I tried to control it..SO,LAUGHT OUT LOUD!!!
Its not wrong to be happy n laught like crazy's ;p