Monday, December 9, 2013

First Day Of Practical Training.....

Assalamualaikum w.b.h.

Grateful to Allah today because I finally started my first day of practical training in TNB Dua Sentral Kuala Lumpur although got few hurdle the morning before starting my day. My mind drift while driving so I take a tricky road to office and I followed my intuition to try new road. So yeah, again, I made a wrong choice and almost end up being lost for my first day.

Once arrived, I kept on waiting at the TNB HQ car park for the bus to take me to my main office. I was confused for reason the bus is not there yet. Waiting and waiting and waiting kept me anxious. Oh Gosh! Where is the bus..Am I waiting at the right point? I don't wanna be late!! Feels frustrated tho.At last, the bus came at 7.30 and I arrived at main office at 7.45..LOL! Not really worth worrying when it takes only 15 minutes to arrive.

Ok, the story actually start here. I felt TOTALLY AWKWARD on my first arrival to the office without any adult accompany me. Feel totally alone there. Normally I went to TNB Office with my dad but today I was all alone..I feel nervous and didn't dare to watch anyone on their face. The funny thing is, I want to ask someone where HR department is and that lucky person (the one I'm asking) is actually my supervisor..Another big LOL.

Up I went to level 13 where the HR department is, place that I need to report myself in. Waiting there trying to shut off any negative thought and try to make myself comfortable is hard. People would anxiously looking at you. Who is this? A new staff? New IL (industri latihan)/ trainer? Someone's kid? You could see all that when they are looking at you.

Its the same when I was brought to meet my supervisor and my new placement. Everyone is wondering while I was maintaining my composure. However, I'm still glad that my supervisor is a nice madam. She explain it to me with a smile. Now, it still hard for me to socialize with the people around me. I'm afraid I would disturb them when I have no job to do since my supervisor is busy with her meeting for a whole day. My schedule for practical training is not arrange yet.

So lalala I'm waiting here at my desk online and reading stuffs..Writing and replying just to fill up my boredom time ;)